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About Us
The Department of Communication Studies reflects practical and theoretical aspects of human communication, journalism, film studies and media production within the context of a liberal arts education. We have an award-winning faculty of scholars, filmmakers and journalists committed to inspiring the highest level of undergraduate achievement.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies is divided into three emphasis areas: Interpersonal and Public Communication, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Film and Media Arts. These programs include the study of public speaking, interpersonal and intercultural communications, contemporary communication theory, cinema studies, media production, media writing, public relations and advertising.
  • The Department of Communication Studies runs the largest internship program in the college providing students with opportunities to participate in both local and national internships. The program is committed to providing students the opportunity to use their knowledge in real world settings as a part of their course of study.
  • The UMKC debate program operates from the Department of Communication Studies, and has ranked nationally among the top 10 debate teams since 1989 along with colleges such as University of California-Los Angeles and Cornell.
  • A minor in Communication Studies may be earned by completing two required courses, (ComSt 110 and 308) plus another 12 credit hours in upper level courses.
  • Students majoring outside of Communication Studies may earn a minor in the study of film and the use of mass media for artistic, cultural and social purposes.
  • A minor in communication studies may be earned online by completing two required courses, plus another 12 credit hours in any 300-400 level online courses within the department.