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About Film and Media Studies
The Film and Media Studies emphasis area combines the study of film history and theory with the art and practice of filmmaking. All of our courses emphasize critical thinking, creative exploration and skill development.

Kevin Bryce, an alumnus of the Communications Studies program at UMKC, is a documentary film maker in Kansas City.

His film"All These Flowers" will be screened at The Tivoli on December 16, 2015, at 8 p.m..

Film and Media Studies Courses

  • In our production classes, we teach a small-crew, independent-artist approach to filmmaking. Students gain experience in all phases of film production, including idea development, writing, pre-production planning, producing, directing, cinematography, sound design and editing.
  • Students make short films in courses covering narrative, documentary, animation and experimental modes, building a portfolio of original work.
  • Production courses and film studies courses are designed to complement each other, but students in the Film and Media Studies emphasis may opt to concentrate wholly within film studies.
  • Introductory film studies classes cover basic film history and theory, and we also offer a wide range of upper level courses in Hollywood, independent and international cinema.

Film Studies Minor

  • Students majoring outside of Communication Studies may earn a minor in the study of film and the use of mass media for artistic, cultural and social purposes.

Student Filmmaking Support

  • Our department also supports our students' development as filmmakers outside of coursework. Opportunities include:
  • Competitive scholarships for film and media students;
    Competitive student production grants;
    Film festival and competition entry fee reimbursement;
    Departmental trip to the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO;
    Student Film League, a student-run UMKC film organization.