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Internship Coordinator

Dr. Linda Kurz
103 C Manheim Hall

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The Communication Studies Department strongly recommends the internship experience as a means of linking theory, practice and preparing our students to work effectively in mass media, journalism, broadcasting, organizational communication, human relations and public communication.
Find internship opportunities and read success stories on the UMKC Communications Internship Hub.

Communication Studies Internship: A Step-by-Step Guide

"It is never too late to get credit for internships. You can earn up to six hours of college credit by completing an internship, "
-Dr. Linda Kurz, the Internship Coordinator.

More about Internship

  • An internship is a paid or unpaid work experience that gives students the opportunity to put their university education into practice in the workplace.
  • Internships are required for students in Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Communication Studies Department strongly encourages internships, as they can be a valuable way for students to increase their skills, and to gain practical experience in their field of study beyond the classroom. Junior and senior Communication Studies majors can also earn academic credit for an internship.
  • Internships give students the chance to "try out" their career choices. Maybe you think you want to go into advertising. An internship with an advertising company can help you decide before you graduate. Internships can also lead to great jobs. We have many graduates who landed their first job after interning.
  • Some of the companies and organizations where our students have interned include Google, CNN, Cumulus, Scripps, Entercom, Barkley, the Ronald McDonald House, The American Jazz Museum, The Kansas City Mayor's Office, The Kansas City Star, KCUR, and the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Internship opportunities are posted outside the office of Dr. Linda Kurz, the Internship Coordinator, 103C Manheim Hall. Another great resource for internships is UMKC's own Career Services Office. Roo Career Network lists local, national and international internships at
  • An internship packet can be downloaded here. Paper copies are available in the Communication Studies departmental office, 202 Haag Hall.