Minor in Healing and Humanities

The interdisciplinary minor in healing and humanities (H&H) enables students to explore the complicated nature of health care issues by integrating knowledge from the arts and humanities with the social and natural sciences. The minor is particularly appropriate for students considering health-related professions, complementing other scientific, clinical, and professional preparation. America’s changing health care environment increasingly calls for individuals who understand the complexity of factors affecting healing and who are able to take a humane, holistic approach incorporating knowledge from humanities and the social sciences.

The healing and humanities curriculum enables pre-health and health professions students to develop an interdisciplinary foundation for a future health care career. To earn a minor in healing and humanities, students must earn at least 18 credit hours from the list of approved courses in the UMKC Undergraduate Catalog and other courses as approved by the program advisor. Credits must be earned in at least three departments or curricular designations. At least nine credit hours must be upper-division (i.e., 300 or 400), and at least nine must be earned at UMKC. Students may select from among a wide variety of courses offered by many participating departments.

The program advisor is available to provide academic advice on course selections and degree requirements for the minor in H&H. Students interested in the H&H minor should consult with the program advisor to plan a program of study. Many classes within the minor can also fulfill general education requirements such as the final foreign language requirement (if taking Spanish), social science electives, humanities electives, and the cluster course requirement making it easy to fit the minor into most programs of study. Examples of 4-year plans incorporating the H&H minor can be found on the Pre-Medical Majors, Minors, and Sample 4-year Plans page or the Pre-Dental Majors, Minors, and Sample 4-year Plans page.