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UMKC Chapter Announcements

  • Please pay chapter dues for 2016. Send a check for $10 payable to "UMKC AAUP" to Scott Baker in Foreign Languages and Literatures, 215 Scofield Hall.
  • University of Missouri System Salary Report is available. This link will take you to the directory. This is the link for the 2014-2015 report. This is the link for the 2013-2014 report.
  • There was a major attack on academic freedom at UMKC took place during the spring, 2011 semester. Click here to learn more.
  • Some units are experiencing issues with budgets, academic freedom and shared governance. If your unit is one of them, we cannot help you if we do not know about it. Write an article for the next issue of the Faculty Advocate. Submit your file to Scott Baker.
  • The chapter has entered a (we hope temporary) period of inactivity due to a lack of willing officers. If you are interested in reactivating the chapter, contact any of the former officers listed on this website.






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