Our program

The Black Studies Program provides critical skill sets in written and oral communication, research, analysis, theory building, multicultural understanding, and global awareness.  It provides in-depth knowledge regarding the perspectives, institutions, and experiences of African Americans, Africa, and the African Diaspora while contributing to the general education requirements of the university in both the humanities and the social sciences.  The Black Studies Program serves to enhance the professional development of its students.  It also seeks to develop scholars in the field.


The Black Studies Program at UMKC recently has gone through a period of reorganization and growth, and many changes and enhancements have been made and will continue to be made to  its curriculum.


Minor in Black Studies

Presently UMKC offers a minor in Black Studies, which has recently been revised. Additional courses are under development.  The program also envisions offering a major in Black Studies in the future.  Additionally, courses in Black Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are identified with the prefix, BLKS.

Master of Liberal Studies

The Master of Liberal Studies (MALS) Program at UMKC is closely aligned with the Black Studies Program.  The Black Studies Program offers a complement of graduate courses that can be used by students to develop an informal emphasis in the MALS program.  Students from diverse professional fields and graduate programs throughout the university also take Black Studies courses to enrich and broaden their educational pursuits.