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A complete list of our faculty is below. You can contact Dr. Rydberg-Cox at, Professor Scott at, or Dr. Jones at with general questions about the program or for advising.

Jeff Rydberg-Cox

Classical and Ancient Studies Program Director
(816) 235-2560

Jeff Rydberg-Cox, is Professor in the Department of English, Director of the Classical and Ancient Studies Program, and a member of the faculty of the Religious Studies Program and the Computer Science Department. He received his B.A. from Colorado College in Classics, History, and Politics. He holds an MA and Ph.D. from the Committee on the Ancient Mediterranean World at the University of Chicago. Prior to joining UMKC, he served as Assistant Editor for Language and Lexicography at The Perseus Project based at Tufts University ( He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the European Commission, and the National Library of Medicine. He is the author of two books, more than thirty articles. His research focuses on digital humanities and the computational analysis of ancient Greek texts. He is a member of a team based at Cambridge University that is writing a new intermediate level Greek lexicon (see

Professor Rydberg-Cox regularly teaches courses on the ancient world in film, Classical myth, and Greek language.

Dr. Rydberg-Cox’s Curriculum Vitae may be viewed here.

Elpida Scott

Lecturer Department of Classical and Ancient Studies
Assistant Director

Elpida Scott, Greek and Latin Lecturer in the Department of English, received her M.A. in Classics from the University of Kansas. Professor Scott received a seat at the American School for Classical Studies to research her thesis in 1999 and completed the American Academy in Rome’s Summer Archaeology course in 1999. She also studied Modern Greek at College Year in Athens in 1998 and 1999. Her thesis is titled Echoing Epicurus: The Sophistry of Lucian of Samosata. She has worked as a Researcher on several grants with Dr. Jeff Rydberg-Cox including: "Approaching the Problems of Digitizing Latin Incunables,” “Hippocrates: An Online Version of the Great Physician's Works,” and “Cultural Language Heritage Technologies Grant Project,” and received the Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008. Professor Scott teaches several courses in Classical Languages including: Elementary Latin I, Elementary Latin II, Second Year Latin Readings I, Second Year Latin Readings II, Special Intermediate Latin Topics I, Special Intermediate Latin Topics II, Elementary Greek I, Elementary Greek II, Special Intermediate Greek Topics I, Special Intermediate Greek Topics II, Summer Study Abroad.

Cynthia Jones

Lecturer Department of Classical and Ancient Studies

Dr. Jones received her B.A, M.A. and IPh.D., from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in History and Philosophy. Her publications include: “Archaeology and History: The Nahal-Mishmar Hoard,” April, 1996; “Memorialization of War: The Structure and Function of Memorials in War.” Proceeding of the European Studies Conference, Volume 29, 2006. “Pagan Warrior Ethos: Achilles in the Trenches from Troy to the Somme.” Proceedings of the European Studies Conference Volume 30, 2007. Her current project, The Pagan Warrior Ethos: Achilles in the Trenches from Troy to the Somme, is slated for completion in the fall of 2007. In addition she is an award winning lecturer: •Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Arts and Sciences, 2005, and a Kemper Scholar. Dr. Jones teaches a variety of courses covering such topics as Pagan Warrior Ethos Models of the Hero, Classical Literature in Translation, Bible as Literature, Women in the Ancient World, Foundations of World Literature, The Political, Cultural and Social History of the Ancient World.

Massimiliano Vitiello

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Read Dr. Vitiello's biography on the history department web page.

Linda Mitchell

Martha Jane Phillips Starr/Missouri Distinguished Professor of Women's & Gender Studies
Senior Editor, Historical Reflections / Réflexions Historiques

Read Dr. Mitchell's's biography on the history department web page.

Robert Cohon

Associate Research Professor Department of Art History
Curator of Ancient Art Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Dr. Cohon teaches several courses in Art History including: Survey of Western Art I, Ancient Art, Greek Art and Architecture, Roman Art and Architecture, From the Parthenon to the Ara Pacis.

Ann Raab

Lecturer Department of Classical and Ancient Studies

Ann Raab is a PhD archaeology candidate at the University of Kansas, and a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, as well as the Missouri Association of Professional Archaeologists. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Avila College, and her Master of Arts degree in anthropology at California State University, Northridge. Her thesis, entitled “Landscapes of the Dead: Modeling Hunter-Gatherer Mortuary Variability in Baja California Sur, Mexico,” focused on the study of prehistoric burials in that region. Currently at KU she is working on her dissertation research, focusing on economics and land use during the 19th century in the American Midwest. In particular she has research interests in Missouri and Kansas related to the Border Wars of the Civil War and to General Orders No. 11 and the Burned District of Missouri (including Jackson, Cass, Bates and Vernon counties). She teaches a range of courses in Classical Archaeology, including Introduction to Prehistoric and Classical Archaeology, and Archaeology as Anthropology: The Development of Human Societies.

Jim Falls

Associate Professor Emeritus Department of History
(816) 235-2545.

Jim Falls, Associate Professor in the Department of History, received his B.A. in History from the University of Alabama. He received his M.A. from Mississippi State University in Ancient Rome and his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in Medieval Civilization (1967). His publications include "Ranulf de Glanville's Family Background and Ascent to the Justiciarship” in Medieval Studies Journal. He has organized various conferences including the Mid-America Medieval Association, received several teaching honors and has also performed numerous community service lectures. Dr. Falls teaches a range of courses in History and Classics including: Western Civilization to 1600, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt.