NameDissertation TitleYear
Willadee Waymeyer, Ph.D 1995
Jules Townsend, Ph.DThe Impact of Race on Variation in the Length of Prison Sentences: Empirical Evidence and Policy Impactions1996
Jennifer Golec, Ph.DProductivity Convergence in the Pacific Rim Region1998
Lana Ellis, Ph.DThe Efficacy of Privatization Policies in the Chilean and Mexican Telecommunications Industries: A Comparative Analysis of Telemax1995
Zarniah Hamid, Ph.DAn Analysis of Female Migration and Employment Patterns in the Malaysian Service Sector2001
Zohreh Niknia, Ph.DThe Intersection of Immigration and Gender: The Socioeconomic Integration of Iranian Immigrant Women in Kansas City*2001
Mutaz Nabulsi, Ph.DA Study of Sustained Growth Policies: Malaysia's Economic Development Model2001
Nikolas Pologeorgous, Ph.DPromoting Economic Literacy: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Economic Education Programs in K-12 Urban, Suburban and Rural Schools2002
Jason White, Ph.DThe Social Security Crisis? An Evaluation of Status Quo Social Security2003
Kurt Kruger, Ph.DA First Order Markov Increment-Decrement Estimation of Remaining Years of Lifetime Productive Activity Participation2003
Doug Bowles, Ph.DGeographic Information Systems - Based Analysis of Metropolitan Development, Decline and Recovery2005
Myles Gartland, Ph.DThree Essays Related to Sub-optimal Outcomes in Industrial Organization2005
Linwood Tauheed, Ph.DTowards a Socio-Educational Index: A Preliminary Critical Institutional Dynamics Model of the Interrelationship of Complementary and Limiting Factors Associated with African American Student Performance2005
John Jumara, Ph.DOrganization Theory and Practice: The Case of Semco, Inc.2005
Robert Scott, Ph.DThe Determinates of Default on Credit Card Debt2005
Jairo Parada, Ph.DA Pragmatic Institutional Economics Approach to Economic Development and Institutions: The Case of Columbia2006
Joelle Leclaire, Ph.DThe United States Federal Budget Reversals of 1998 and 20012006
Eric Tymoigne, Ph.DCentral Banking, Asset Prices, and Financial Fragility: What Role for a Central Bank?*2006
Fadhel Kaboub, Ph.DA Roadmap to Full Employment and Price Stability in Developing Countries: The Case of Tunisia2006
Robert Spalding, Ph.DBusinessmen's Risk Perception in China Following the 1999 Chinese Embassy Bombind and the 2001 Ep-3 Incident2006
Zdravka Todorova, Ph.DReconsidering Households in Economic Theory*2007
Doug Meador, Ph.DEvaluating the Foundations of Catholic Social Thought2007
Yan Liang, Ph.DA Critical Assessment of the Role of FDI in China's Development and a Proposal for a new Policy Agenda2007
Tae Hee Jo, Ph.DMicrofoundations of Effective Demand2007
Linda Hauner, Ph.DPoverty and the World Bank: An Examination of Economic Development Theories and Practice2008
David Harris, Ph.DAdam Smith, Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, Peter Kropotkin, and Catholic Social Teaching on Work, Wages and the Role of Technology2008
Pavlina Tcherneva, Ph.DThe Promise of Fiscal Policy: Full Employment, Stability, and Equity*2008
Michael Murray, Ph.DAn Instrumental Approach to Full Employment2010
Jeremy O'Connor, Ph.DThe Role of Catholic Social Thought in Economic Policy2010
Felipe Rezende, Ph.DThe Evolution of U.S. Financial Architecture, Asset Prices and the Role of Fiscal and Monetary Policy2011
Xuan Pham, Ph.DAn Empirical Analysis of Alternative Explanations for the Female Wage Gap2011
Richard Dadzie, Ph.DDevelopmental State and Agriculture for Development: Lessons for Ghana from East Asia2011
Alla Semenova, Ph.DThe Origins of Money: Evaluating Chartalist and Metallist Theories in the Contextof Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia2011
Flavia Dantas, Ph.DInternationalization of Money Manager Capitalism and Its Impacts on Global Financial Stability: How Changes in the Financial System of the Developed World Increased Capital Flows and Global Financial Instability in the New Millennium2012
Poloumi Dasgupta, Ph.DEmployment Generation Programs and the Long Term Development: the Case of India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act2012
Gyun Gu, Ph.DPricing, Price Stability, and Post Keynesian Price Theory2012

* Indicates recipient of Outstanding Dissertation Award at UMKC that year