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William Black


William K. Black
Ph.D., University of California at Irvine
J.D., University of Michigan Law School

Associate Professor of Economics and Law,
Executive Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention

Research Interests: Public Finance, Regulation, White-Collar Crime, Political Economy.     |     Law 1-300B , Manheim 203B

Peter Eaton


Peter J. Eaton
Ph.D., University of Florida
Associate Professor, Econometrics, Director of CEI

Research Interests: Public Finance Forecasting, Spatial Relations in Economics, Human Resource Economics, Computer Aided Instruction in Economics.     |     816.235.2832     |     Haag 210B

 — Economic and Fiscal Contributions of International Immigrants in the State of Kansas
 — Economic and Fiscal Contributions of International Immigrants in the State of Missouri

Mathew Forstater


Mathew Forstater
Ph.D., New School for Social Research
Professor of Economics, Director of CFEPS

Research Interests: History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology, Political Economy, Public Policy, Economics of Discrimination, Environmental Economics, African and African American Economic History.     |     816.235.5862     |     Haag 303

Stephanie Kelton


Stephanie Kelton
Ph.D., New School for Social Research
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Monetary theory, employment policy, history of economic monetary thought, social security, European monetary integration.     |     816.235.1314     |     Haag 211B

Erik Olson


Erik Olsen
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Political Economy, Microeconomics, Urban and Regional Economics, Economic Methodology.     |     816.235.5715     |     Manheim 202H

Ellis Sharfenaker


Ellis Scharfenaker
Ph.D., New School
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Political economy, theory of competition, Bayesian reasoning, information theory, statistical mechanics in economic theory and applied econometric work, microeconomics     |     816.235.1309     |     Manheim 203D

James Sturgeon


James I. Sturgeon
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Professor, Department Chair

Research Interests: Institutional Economics, Industrial Organization, Political Economy.     |     Manheim 202B

 — The Adverse Economic Impact from Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Missouri

Linwood Tauheed


Linwood F. Tauheed
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Institutional Economics, Economic Methodology, African American Political Economy, Community Economic Development, Analysis of Education, System Dynamics Modeling.     |     Manheim 202A

Karen Vorst


Karen Vorst
Ph.D., Indiana University
Professor of Economics, Undergraduate Advisor, Internship Advisor

Research Interests: Monetary Theory and Policy, Money and Banking, Macroeconomics, and Monetary Issues in Transition Economies.     |     Manheim 202G

Randall Wray


L. Randall Wray
Ph.D. Washington University, St. Louis
Professor, Senior Research Associate - CFEPS

Research Interests: Critique of orthodox monetary policy, and development of an alternative, Full Employment Policy, Modern Money, and Monetary Theory of Production.     |     Manheim 202C


Robert Brazelton


W. Robert Brazelton
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: Macroeconomic Analysis and Countercyclical Macroeconomic Policy, Comparative Economics Systems, and Institutional-Post Keynesian Economic Analysis.     |     816.235.2831     |     Manheim 202E

Frederic Lee


Frederic S. Lee
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Professor, (Deceased)

Research Interests: Heterodox Microeconomics, industrial organization and market governance, history of heterodox economics since 1945, and heterodox price and production model.


Frank Wagner


F. E. Wagner
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: Economics of Development, Labor Economics, Energy Economics.     |     816.235.2840     |     Royall 408F

Robert Brazelton


John O. Ward
Ph.D., University of Okalahoma
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: Human Resourses, Economics of Development, Law and Economics.