Bachelors of Arts Checklist

In order to receive a Bachelors of Arts with a Major in Economics, you must satisfy the following requirements.

1. UMKC Graduation Requirements

1.1Complete 120 hours of credits of which the last 30 hours must be completed at UMKC 
1.2Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for University of Missouri  
1.3Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for Economics Major 

2. College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

2.1Complete all General Education requirements 

3. Department of Economics Requirements

 Description ClassSemesterGrade
3.1ECON 201 - Introduction to Economics I   
3.2ECON 202 - Introduction to Economics II   
3.3ECON 301 - Macroeconomic Analysis   
3.4ECON 302 - Microeconomic Analysis   
3.5ECON 425 - Intermediate Economic Statistics   
3.6ECON 406WI - History of Economic Thought   
3.7ECON 451 - Institutional Economic Theory   
3.8ECON 3xx or 4xx Elective   
3.9ECON 3xx or 4xx Elective   
3.10ECON 499 - Capstone Colloquium   


Students are expected to maintain a quality of achievement significantly above minimum UMKC standards for degree work. Individual student progress will be monitored throughout the program. Satisfactory progress is required of all students for retention in the program. Students are expected to maintain academic standards, perform satisfactorily in courses, refrain from academic dishonesty, comply with the established University and teacher education timetables and requirements, and refrain from unethical or unprofessional behavior or behaviors that obstruct the training process or threaten the welfare of the student or others. Other circumstances involving student behavior will be addressed by the faculty on an individual basis.