Why Economics?

student studying economics

We welcome students to join our department and to thrive in an intellectually challenging atmosphere of collegial scholarship. Our Department offers the opportunity for study well beyond the traditional boundaries of economics.

The undergraduate degree in economics is excellent preparation for graduate study in economics and most other academic disciplines, as well as law and business. A degree in economics opens a wide range of career choices including teaching, government service, finance, banking and insurance. It is excellent preparation for a career in business, public administration and management.

Economic Value of a Degree in Economics

MajorMedian Earnings% Employed
Mathematics and Computing Science$98,00090%
Statistics and Decision Science$67,00092%
Geology and Earth Science$62,00095%
Political Science$59,00093%
Public Administration$59,00094%
Business Management and Admin$58,00094%
Environmental Science$51,00093%
Art History$50,00091%
English Language and Literature$48,00093%
Liberal Arts$48,00094%
Fine Arts$45,00092%
Foreign Language Studies$45,00095%

Major in Economics

Median Earnings: $70,000
Earnings in the 25th percentile: $42,000
Earnings in the 75th percentile: $108,000
Difference: $66,000
Percentage obtaining a graduate degree in Economics: 40%
Percentage of earnings boost from obtaining a graduate degree in economics: 50%
Percentage of employed economics degree holding working full time: 90%
Percentage of employed economics degree holders working part time: 10%
Percentage of economic degree holders employed: 94%
Percentage of Females majoring in Economics: 34%
Percentage of Males majoring in Economics: 66%

Occupations with Economics Majors

Management (26%)
Sales (20%)
Finance (14%)
Office (10%)
Other (30%)

The data is derived from the U.S. Bureau of Census 2009 American Community Survey. The total number of person's surveyed ranged in age from 18 to 64 and who had a Bachelor's degree or higher. Median earnings is the mid-point in the distribution of earnings of people who had that major. National employment rate for 2009 is 91%.

“It is always sound business to take any obtainable net gain, at any cost and at any risk to the rest of the community.”

Thorstein Veblen