Young Scholars in Writing new website can be found at Montana State University.

Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric publishes research articles written by undergraduates on topics related to rhetoric and writing. Generally, we value papers that offer primary research conducted by the writer(s), ground inquiry in a defined theoretical framework, and integrate secondary sources from the area under investigation. All in all, we publish articles that make an intellectual contribution to their respective fields. Young Scholars in Writing welcomes collaborative manuscripts written by undergraduates.


Young Scholars in Writing is peer-reviewed by editorial interns at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and by former contributors to the journal.


All students who are invited to revise and re-submit their essay for review will work closely with a faculty advising editor from Young Scholars in Writing. Most students whose work has been published in Young Scholars in Writing have had to revise their original submissions.


Please click on the "Submission Guidelines" link for instructions on how to submit your work.