Spotlight on First-Year Writing


Young Scholars in Writing new website can be found at Montana State University.

Young Scholars in Writing publishes excellent scholarship on topics tightly related to composition, rhetoric, and/or literacy studies. To be eligible for the Spotlight on First-Year Writing, a piece must have been written in a lower-division composition course or by a first-year student. Research papers on topics unrelated to composition,
rhetoric, and/or literacy studies will not be considered.
Please send all inquiries to First-Year Writing Editors Dr. David Elder at ( or Heather Bastian at

Please click on the "Submission Guidelines" link for instructions on how to submit
your work.

The new Young Scholars in Writing site can be found on the Montana State University site.


What Our First-Year Writing Contributors are Saying:

When I submitted the very first version of my paper, I knew there were changes
that needed to be made. It was challenging but having someone to bounce ideas
off of was a refreshing experience. It was great to have someone else look at my
writing and give constructive feedback that worked with my style and direction.
And my advice to anyone interested in such a project is to take a deep breath when
you get frustrated and don't ever be afraid to discuss things with your editor. When
you work together and discuss changes, it makes the piece that much better. I was
very surprised at how much I learned and grew with my paper and overall, it was a
very positive and rewarding experience that I am very proud to have followed
through with.--Lauren Augino

I can say that the revision process was extremely educational and pleasant. 
Through the process, I learned as much about writing as I have in the classroom. 
The feedback I received at each stage served to strengthen my project and was
always very courteous, enlightening, and appreciated.  The process, at times,
was strenuous but it was also very positive.--Eric Pleasant