Volume Ten, Fall 2012

Editor’s Introduction
Jane Greer, University of Missouri,-Kansas City

Observations: Young Scholars in Writing’s 10th Anniversary

Flinging Myself into the Broader World
Katherine Stuart

Doing It Here: Observing Young Scholars in Writing Building a Legacy of Writers Helping Writers
Bernice Olivas, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Using Published Student Writing to Enrich Pedagogy
Margaret J. Marshall, Auburn University

Respondeo etsi Mutabor: The Comment and Response Assignment, Young Scholars, and the Promise of Liberal Education
Sean Patrick O’Rourke, Stephen Howard, and Andrianna Lee Lawrence,
Furman University

Scholarship and Relationships: Reflections on Young Scholars in Writing
Laurie Grobman, Pennsylvania State University, Berks


“I Realize Writing Is a Part of My Daily Life Now”:
A Case Study of Writing Knowledge Transfer in One Section of ESL Writing

Sara Mulcahy, Bridgewater State University

Discursive Agency and Collective Action among Lubavitch Hasidic Women
Rebekah Sims, Indiana University

Social Media and the “Perpetual Project” of Ethos Construction
Robert J. Holt, University of Winnipeg

The Online Comment: A Case Study of Reader-Journalist-Editor Interactions
Olivia Weitz, University of Puget Sound

The Hook behind the Rapper: The Tension in a Diegetic Rhetoric of Music in The Wire
Sam Borowik, Pennsylvania State University, Berks

The Stylistic Effects of Human Rights Rhetoric:
An Analysis of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2011 LGBT Human Rights Speech

Natalie K. Midiri, Rutgers University

Beyond the Domestic Sphere: Home Economics and the Education of
Women at Maryland State College, 1916-94

Sarah Ann Singer, University of Maryland, College Park

Spotlight on First-Year Writing

A World of Possibilities: An Examination of the Human Impact on the
Earth as Portrayed in Environmentalist Rhetoric

Elizabeth Carls, Stanford University

Comment and Response

Editor’s Introduction
David Elder, Morningside College

A Response to Mark Ulrich
Jordan Delk, Furman University

A Response to Zoë Snider
Evelyn Henson, Furman University

A Response to Jackie Hoermann
Melissa Thornton, University of Toronto