Volume Eleven, Spring 2014

Editor’s Introduction
Jane Greer, University of Missouri,-Kansas City


Challenging Our Labels: Rejecting the Language of Remediation
Brisa Galindo, Sonia Castaneda, Esther Gutierrez, Arturo Tejada, Jr., and DeShonna Wallace, California State University, San Bernardino

Digital Media and Social Movements: The Role of New Media in the Outcome of Proposition 8
Rina James, Boise State University

Unveiling Assumptions: Photography, Word Politics, and the Hijab
Kristen Allred, University of Missouri, Kansas City

A Fanatical Fifth Column: The Media’s Argument for Japanese Internment
Lindsey Tanner, University of Texas, Austin

The Mantle of the Prophet: Churchill’s Embodiment of the Prophetic Ethos
Andrew Bowman, University of Texas, Austin

Murderers as Victims: Reassigning Guilt in Al Gore’s “Columbine Memorial Address”
Ashley K. Allen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

To “Play That Funky Music” or Not: How Music Affects the Environmental Self-Regulation of High-Ability Academic Writers
Sara Calicchia, Utah State University

Spotlight on First-Year Writing

The Sacred and the Profane: An Analysis of the Rhetoric in David Brower’s Campaign to Save the Grand Canyon
Rachel Whitted, Furman University

Telling it from the Mountain: A Rhetorical Analysis of Fannie Lou Hamer’s Speech before the Democratic National Convention
Erin Ryan, Pennsylvania State University

Sing Us a Song; You’re the Piano Man: The Patriarchal Discourse of Music Education
Aubrey Young, Ohlone College

Comment and Response

A Response to Michaela Cullington
Julia Cooper, Furman University

A Response to Demirae Dunn
John Matthew Reyburn, Boise State University

A Response to Sarah-Kate Magee
Caroline Walters, Furman University