Volume Two, Fall 2004


Editors' Introduction
   Laurie Grobman and Candace Spigelman


Election Controversy 2000: Media Coverage of Voter Purges in Florida
   Silas Kulkarni, University of Texas-Austin/Yale University

Tear Apart this Speech! A Burkean Analysis of Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" Speech
   Stefanie Skoniecki, Elizabethtown College

Of Faith and Fact: Haywood N. Hill's "This I Believe"
   Susan West Heimburger, Furman University

Foucault's Discursive Theory in Waiting for Godot
   Joy Salvatore, Elizabethtown College

Groupies and Singltons: Student Preferences in Classroom-Based Writing Consulting
   Alicia Brazeau, Grand Valley State University

Educating Students about Peer Response
   Heather Byland, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Can Writing Be Taught Without Actually Writing?
   Tanja Christiansen, Copenhagen University

Origins of Continental Drift Theory and the Influence of Rhetoric
   Ryan Hoover, Sam Houston State University

The Rhetorical Situation of the Scientific Paper and the "Appearance" of Objectivity
   Matthew Allen, Brigham Young University

The Personal Can Be Intellectual
   Jenifer Diers, California State University