Volume Three, Fall 2005


Editor's Introduction
   Laurie Grobman, Pennsylvania State University-Berks


Acknowledging the Narcissist and the Voyeur: The Emerging New Discourses
of the Away Message System

   Emily W. Groves, Lafayette College

But What is the Truth in Creative Nonfiction?
   Jessica Didow, Pennsylvania State University-Berks

Sacred Passions/Profane Saints
   Kellie Jensen, Southern Utah University

Language and War: The Rhetoric of George W. Bush
   Patrick W. Belanger, Simon Fraser University

Cry Deception and Let Loose the Dogs of War: The Rhetorical Ethics of Colin
Powell's "Denial and Deception"

   Mary Virginia Tynan, Furman University

Beslan School Tragedy: The Rhetoric of the Russian Media
   Olga Zaytseva, California State University, Stanislaus

The King James Bible and the Rhetoric of Authority
   Rob Goodman, Duke University

Chris Rock: Epideictic Rhetor
   David Elder, Northwestern College

Looking Past the Hate: From Malcolm X to El-Shabazz
   Eman Alghawas, Eastern Connecticut State University

Discovering the Truth: The Operation of Ethos in Anti-Smoking Advertisements
   Rebecca Feldmann, University of Notre Dame

Rhetoric of Anorexia: Eating as a Metaphor for Living
   Amanda Marshall, Stanford University

Understanding Nocioception: The Rhetorical Language of Pain
   Patrick J. D. Kennedy, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Creating Knowledge from Dialogue: A Writing Fellow's Perspective
   Jennifer Yaojie Wu, Barnard College

Simple Complexity: A Sentence Instruction Study
   Jessica Rivera, Nebraska Wesleyan University

"I Suppose I am My Own Girl Now": The Diary of Nancy Holmes Corse,
Enosburg, Vermont, 1858-1859

   Lauren Petrillo, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Comment and Response

A Critical Response to Matthew C. Allen
   Megan Huey, Furman University

Response to Skoniecki's Analysis
   Kelly Jakes, Furman University

Ethos and Epideictic Speech
   Emily Paige Pusser, Furman University