Volume Five, Fall 2007

Editor's Introduction
   Laurie Grobman, Penn State University, Berks


A Look Back from Two Young Scholars
   Heather Bastian and Lindsey Harkness

Black Women's Voices in the Women's Movement for Equal Rights:
Pauli Murray and Patricia Williams

   Anna Rae Mitchell, University of Montana

The Impact of Southern Heritage on the Rhetorical Style of Myra Page
   Laura Nothcutt, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Condoleeza Rice's Rhetoric: A Classical Interpretation of Historical Examples
   Gavin Payne, University of Notre Dame

Acting Out: Undergraduates' Assessments of Controversial Female Rhetors
   Emily Mullins, Samford University

Ócutl, Or “Being The Torch”: Examining The Conversation Between
Indigenous Voices and
Colonialist Discourses
   Andrew Noel, George Washington University

The Expanding Center: Creating an Online Presence for the UMBC
Writing Center

   Bill Chewning, University of Maryland-Baltimore

Finding Harmony in Disharmony: Engineering and English Studies
   Ruth Johnson, Beth Clark, and Mario Burton, University of Alabama-Huntsville

How Student Beliefs in Giftedness and Teacher Competence
Affect Writing Self-Assessments

   Amber Watson, Utah Valley University

A Battle Without Sides: Balancing the Standing Circle of Style
   Jacob Rees, Brigham Young University

Seeing More in Cabinets and Blockbusters: A Rhetorical Study
of Museum Exhibits

   Rebecca Simon, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos of Chaucer and His Prioress
   Rachel Share, Elizabethtown College

Comment and Response

Plato's Nightmare: Anorexia Portrayed in Virtual Reality
   Hailey Carmichael, Furman University

Media Coverage of Tragedy Rflects Tragedy of Russian Media
   Diana Maley, Furman University

An Objection to Feldmann's "Objections?"
   Meredith Neville, Furman University

On Freedom and Terror: The War Rhetoric of George W. Bush
Examined in Historical Context

   John Newby, Furman University

A Critical Response to Rob Goodman
   Emily Parsons, Furman University

Young Scholars in First-Year Writing

Young Scholars in Writing Feature: Young Scholars in First-Year Writing
   Shannon Carter, Texas A&M-Commerce and Doug Downs, Utah Valley University

Classic is as Classic Does
   Lauren Augino, Utah Valley University

Past Experiences and Future Attitudes in Literacy
   Erika Jackson, Utah Valley University

Literacy Sponsors and Learning: An Ethnography of Punk
Literacy in Mid-1980s Waco

   Eric Pleasant, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Writing What Matters: A Student's Struggle to Bridge the
Academic/Personal Divide

   Emily Strasser, Vassar College