Volume Six, Fall 2008

Editor’s Introduction
Laurie Grobman, Penn State University-Berks


Solving the Challenges of the Virtual Workplace for Interns
Brenna Leath, North Carolina State University

Finding Room for “Whatever”: A Critical Approach to Antiracist
Composition Pedagogy

Lucy Marrero, University of Illinois–Springfield

The Politics of Language in Identity Development through English
Composition and Discourse

Fernando Erubey Mejia Ledesma, Boise State University

Politics of Difference in the Writing Center
Anita Varma, Vassar College

Postcolonialism, Acculturation, and the Writing Center
Jeff Reger, Georgetown University

Creating Third Space: ESL Tutoring as Cultural Mediation
Cameron Mozafari, University of Maryland–Baltimore County

It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It (And To Whom): 
Accommodating Gender in the Writing Conference

Claire Elizabeth O’Leary, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Simultaneous Grammars of Domination: A Feminist Rhetorical 
Study of Alfonsina Storni’s
Tú Me Quieres Blanca
Rebekah F. Hoy, Ohio State University

In Two Places at Once: Nellie J. Hall Williams and the  Conundrum
of Gender and Travel in the Early Twentieth Century

Amanda Clark, University of Missouri, Kansas City

From Souvenir to Social Movement: PostSecret, Art and Politics
Maggie MacAulay, Kendra Magnusson, Christopher Schiffmann,
Jennifer Hamm, and Arlen Kasdorf, The University of Winnipeg

Using Rhetoric To Sustain Democracy: The Rhetorical Devices 
Utilized by Justice O’Connor in Kelo
V. City of New London
Alaina Brandhurst, University of Miami

“Eating Fresh” in America: Subway Restaurant’s Nutritional Rhetoric
Jessica Lundgren, Pennsylvania State University-University Park

Arguing in an Imperfect World: Aristotle, the Enthymeme and 
Epideictic Rhetoric

Christopher Beshara, The University of Sydney

Comment and Response

A Response to Laura Northcutt
Josh Chancey, Furman University

A Response to Andrew Noel
Margaret-Elliotte Czentnar, Furman University

A Response to Margaret-Elliotte Czentnar
Andrew Noel, George Washington University

A Response to Gavin Payne
Lauren Farrar, Furman University

A Response to Rebecca Simon
Sophie Good, Furman University

A Response to Rachel Share
Alyssa Mulliger, Furman University

Young Scholars in First-Year Writing

Editors’ Introduction
Shannon Carter, Texas A&M-Commerce and Doug Downs, 
Montana State University

We the People
Katie Faber, Calvin College

Obama’s Speech at Howard: Becoming King
Maria Post, Calvin College