Volume Seven, Fall 2009

Guest Editor’s Introduction
Jane Greer, University of Missouri--Kansas City


Cupping the Spark in Our Hands: Developing a Better Understanding
of the Research Question in Inquiry-Based Writing

Bernice Olivas, Boise State University

Using Corinth's Rhetoric to Understand Aristotle's Rhetoric
Lynn Ehlers, University of Texas-Austin

"My Country! 'Tis of Thee, Strong hold of Slavery":
The Musical Rhetoric of the American Antislavery Movement

Karen Anton, University of Missouri-Kansas City

"With the Flash Came a Delayed Roll of Thunder": The Discursive
Struggle Over the Atomic Bomb

Andrew Erickson, George Washington University

From Wellesley to Yale, 1969-1979: A Textual Analysis of
Hillary Rodham's Early Written Rhetoric

Jonathan Pearson, University of Missouri-Kansas City

"Whether You Like It Or Not:" California's Proposition 8
and the Rhetoric of Monitory Democracy

Toby Rowe, Wheaton College

Rhetoric in a Postcolonial World: The Discourse Surrounding
the Columbian Nukak Tribe's Appearance

Lindsay Gordon, George Washington University

Wrapping Up in the Online World: Technology, Communication,
Blogging, and Youth Today

Monique Shetayh, Moravian College

A Quest for Student Engagement: A Linguistic Analysis
of Writing Conference Discourse

Molly Wilder, Swarthmore College

Young Scholars in First-Year Writing

Editors’ Introduction
Doug Downs, Montana State University and
Heidi Estrem, Boise State University

Elves and Extremism: The Use of Fantasy in the
Radical Environmentalist Movement

Shannon Baldo, Transylvania University

College Admissions Essays: A Genre of Masculinity
Sarah-Kate Magee, College of Charleston

Blogging the Recovery from Anorexia: A New Platform for
the Voice of ED

Ann Cochran, University of Houston-Clear Lake