Volume Nine, Fall 2011

Editor’s Introduction
Jane Greer, University of Missouri--Kansas City


Seeing Is Believing:
Using the Rhetoric of Virtual Reality to Persuade

Mark Ulrich, Stanford University

Speaking without Words: Silence and Epistolary Rhetoric of Catholic Women Eduacators on the Antebellum Frontier, 1828-1834
Jackie Hoermann, Iowa State University

Literacy as Independence: The Writings of Hattie Reynolds, 1870-1927
Sarah Ashlock, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Reframing the Victim: Rhetoric for Segregation in the Greenville News
Jennifer E. M. Hill, Furman University

Community Writing Centers and Genre Literacy
Marc Hummel, Rutgers University

Developing Stronger Peer-to-Peer Feedback in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Workshop
Allie Oosta and Rori-Leigh Hoatlin, Grand Valley State University

De-Centering Peer Tutors:
Research Applications for Undergraduates in the Writing Program

Skyler Konicki, University of Delaware

Redefining Interfaith Discourse:
Applying Invitational Rhetoric to Religion

Jason A. Sharier, Kent State University, Stark

Modifying Masculinity, Forging Femininity:
Male Feminist Discourse and the Manifestation of an Independent Female Idenity

Chiara Corso, George Washington University

When Writing Cuts Deep:
The Rhetoric of Surgical Short Stories

Chelsey Bartlett, Stanford University

Spotlight on First-Year Writing

Editors' Introduction
Patti Hanlon-Baker, Stanford University and
Holly Ryan, Pennsylvania State University, Berks

Where Teachers and Students Meet:
Exploring Perceptions in First-Year Composition

Angelica T. Nava, University of Texas-Pan American

Vampires, Werewolves, and Oppression:
Twilight and Female Gender Stereotypes

Zoe Snider, Transylvania University

SCUM Manifesto:
The Argument for a "Male Misogyny:

Angela Acampora, Furman University

Propaganda vs. Political Persuasion in Politics:
Public Beware
Demirae Dunn, Morningside College

Comment and Response

Editor’s Introduction
David Elder, Morningside College

A Response to Shannon Baldo
Andrianna Lee Lawrence, Furman University

A Response to Monique Shetayh
Stephen Howard, Furman University

A Response to Robin Martin
Nicole Passa, College of the Holy Cross

A Response to Karen Anton
Savannah Ray, Furman University