Field-Based Research on the Gulf of California Rift Margin Basins, Baja California Sur, México


The Baja Basins REU seeks to provide students with a unique U.S.-Mexican collaborative research opportunity that combines digital field mapping techniques with state-of-the-art laboratory analytical work on the tectonic evolution of the Santa Rosalía basin area in the Gulf of California rift. Few places in the world expose volcanic and marine sedimentary sequences and large uplifted Quaternary terraces that can be used to understand the processes involved in the progressive stages of continental breakup. Because of the rapid tectonic motion in the Gulf of California rift, the Santa Rosalía basin is a site where the stratigraphic history and processes of rifting can be studied in detail with exceptional exposures and accessible outcrops.

We invite applications for a 7-week program divided into a January field trip to México and a July laboratory session held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). During part one, students will do three weeks of fieldwork studying rocks and sediments in basins of the Santa Rosalía area mentored by the PIs from UMKC and University of California-Davis and Mexican collaborators from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur and Universidad de Guanajuato. We will be housed at the Minera Boleo (MMB) copper mine and work in close cooperation with MMB staff. Fieldwork will be conducted during winter break (intersession) to take advantage of cooler weather and allow time for commercial lab analyses and lab materials to be prepared for the summer component. During part two of the Baja Basins REU, students will spend four weeks at UMKC compiling and drafting field data, collecting and analyzing lab data, and during the final week, preparing and presenting an abstract and poster.

Baja Basins REU

Recruiting: Junior geology majors with a minimum coursework in mineralogy, sedimentology, and field methods. Preference will be given to students from colleges and universities where research possibilities are limited. Spanish-speaking students, veterans, women, and students from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Project is completed and no longer accepting applications.

Participant award includes:

  • Travel to Baja México including room and board at the Minera Boleo Mine; (Tentative dates: late December  - mid January)
  • Travel allowance and housing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for the summer session during July ;
  • Stipend ;
  • Grants to help support presenting results at a professional society meeting.


Dr. Tina Niemi
Tel: (816) 235-5342