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GIS and Remote Sensing Research Lab (Room 507)
Professor Wei "Wayne" Ji
The Lab supports research activities of faculty and graduate students involving geographic focuses on studying GIS/remote sensing-based methods for ecological assessment and biogeographic studies. The faculty and students with the Lab also conduct studies in relation to bioinformatics and urban issues. Recent and current projects have been funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Lab also supports international research collaboration. For additional information on research conducted in this lab click here


Laboratory for Climate Analysis and Modeling (Room 506)
Professor Jimmy Adegoke
The Laboratory for Climate Analysis and Modeling (LCAM) is Dr. Jimmy Adegoke’s research laboratory. Advanced computing resources available at LCAM include 2 Sun Blade 2000 Unix workstations and a 24-node Linux PC-cluster running the parallel version of the Colorado State University (CSU) Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) code. The lab also has a suite of satellite image processing/GIS software and additional software for model output analysis/visualization, including GRADS and McIDAS.


Mineral Resources and Fluid Inclusion Laboratory (Room 401)
Professor Raymond M.Coveney, Jr.
The lab is utilized for research on mineral deposits and for environmental investigations. Equipment includes a gas-flow hot/cold microscope stage capable of temperatures between –190 and +700°C. Dr. Coveney, Ph.D. Michigan, has special interests in the environmental geochemistry of black shales and associate mineral deposits.


Geotechnical Lab Testing Facilities (Room 402)
Syed E. Hasan

Equipment for graduate student projects on geotechnical testing of materials.


Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geoarcheology (Room 406)
Tina M. Niemi
Resources for studies of active earthquake zones and archeologic sites under the supervision of Dr. Tina Niemi, Ph.D. Stanford, author of “The Dead Sea,” Oxford University Press, 1997.


Hydrogeology and Environmental Geophysics Laboratory (Room 111)
Professor Jejung Lee
The laboratory has Linux-based and Window-based computers for numerical simulation of groundwater and contaminant transport, hydro-geospatial data analysis, and geophysical modeling to characterize groundwater contaminant plumes. Groundwater sampling tools and geophysical exploration equipments such as ground penetrating radar are provided to acquire field data.


Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectography (ICPMS) Lab(Room 424/426)
Professor James B. Murowchick
A Varian UltraMass 600 ICPMS is used for minor to trace level elemental analyses of a wide range of materials, including rocks, soils, waters, biological materials, and synthetic substances.  A Cetac Ultrasonic nebulizer in the lab can also be used with the ICPMS for increased sensitivity.  The lab also includes a Thermo ICAP 61e optical ICP for analysis of elements of environmental interest at per cent to parts per million concentrations. The adjoining sample preparation lab includes a CEM MARS microwave digestion system, analytical balances, high purity water, and a full range of standards and supplies.


Paleoclimatology Laboratory (Room 505)
Caroline Davies
The Paleoclimatology Laboratory (PAL) in the Department of Geosciences features a wide variety of field equipment for the collection of environmental samples. It also has a full range of instrumentation suitable for complete characterization of sediment and biotic specimens in the analysis and reconstruction of past and present environments.


  • Coulter LS200 laser sediment analyzer.
  • UIC coulometer for analysis of TC/TOC/TIC
  • Large drying oven and large muffle furnace
  • Several research grade microscopes with digital imaging
  • Hot plates, magnetic stirrers, analytical balances
  • For additional information on research conducted in this lab click here
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