September - 2011

Greenability magazine features back to school issue reviewing green and sustainable campuses. UMKC is ranked the most sustainable campus in the region.


Sustainability Minor on Fox4 TV

UMKC is about to become one of the first universities in the nation to offer a minor in sustainability. UMKC expects there to be a huge demand for the degree because they think jobs of the future will depend it. On campus, the new student union building will include a green roof, bicycle storage and public transportation access. The renovated library will have energy efficient lighting and maintenance crews already use electric powered carts. The school even has rain gardens to capture storm run-off. They're all sustainability measures and now the school will preach what it practices by offering students a minor in sustainability. "It really can have anything to do with transportation choices that you make everyday," student Kaye Johnston said. Johnston, an environmental studies major, will be the first student to seek the minor. "Most companies want to deliver the best service possible but they also have an overhead and they want to keep that as low as possible, that fits perfectly into sustainability," Johnston said. "Recycling is one element of sustainability, sustainability is a big picture," Professor Syed Hasan said. Professor Hasan believes UMKC will be an incubator for the green jobs of the future. "Wind energy, solar energy, nowadays there's some research going on in trying to harness the ocean tides, the daily rise and fall of that," Professor Hasan said. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver wants to build a climate sustainability center just off campus to partner with UMKC. He's already received some federal funding to get started.

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Audio Podcast Interview: Dr. Caroline Davies & Environmental Studies Major Kay Johnston

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