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Teaching Laboratories


Instructional Mineralogy and Petrology (Room 409)
Professor James B. Murowchick


Instructional Stratigraphy, Paleontology and Sedimentary Petrology (Room 422)
Professor Caroline Davies


Instructional Cartography Lab (Room 423)
Professor Daniel P. Hopkins
Instructional and computer-assisted cartography, drafting and research lab. Dr. Hopkins, Ph.D. Louisiana State University, is a historical geographer with special interests in historical cartography and colonial geography especially of former Danish colonies.


ICPMS Lab and Geochemical Research (Room 424)

Professor James B. Murowchick
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS), Varian Ultra mass spectrometer for chemical analysis of water, soils, rocks and various other materials. Equipment purchased with NSF funds.


GIS Lab (Room 425)
Professor Wei "Wayne" Ji

Instructional laboratory which includes Pentium-II Dell PCs loaded with ARC/INFO, ArcView, ERDAS Imagine and spatial analysis software, digitizers and plotter. The facility is supervised by Dr. Wei (Wayne) Ji, Associate Professor of Geosciences, a resource assessment specialist, who, prior to arriving at UMKC in the fall of 1999, was employed by the US Geological Survey in Lafayette LA. Dr. Ji will conduct brief demonstrations on GIS techniques. The facilities in this laboratory are also used for Geo-computation for Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geog 444/544) taught by Professors Jimmy Adegoke and Jejung Lee.


Introductory Environmental Science Lab Facilities (Room 403)
Professor Caroline Davies and Professor Jimmy Adegoke
Instructional laboratory, where all students enrolled in Environmental Science Program conduct WEB-supported laboratory and field investigations. The laboratory also supports computer-based laboratory exercises in Synoptic Meteorology and Satellite Climatology. Drs. Caroline Davies and Jimmy Adegoke supervise the laboratory and will conduct brief demonstrations on the use of the lab for hands-on inquiry-based instruction in the environmental and climate sciences.


Mineralogical Research, X-ray Diffraction and Microscopy (Room 409)
Professor James B. Murowchick
Rigaku Miniflex automated powder X-ray diffractometer for characterization of crystalline phases, including minerals, rocks, soils, and synthetic materials. Includes JCPDF Powder Diffraction File and MDI Jade 8+ software for processing XRD data. Microscopy equipment includes a research­grade Nikon Optiphot-pol transmitted and reflected polarized light microscope with video, digital, 35mm and large format film photomicrography capability. A spindle stage and EXCALIBR II software for precise determination of optical properties of small crystals are used in the lab. A Zeiss UV fluorescence/petrographic microscope is also available. Dr. Murowchick (Ph.D. Penn State) has special interests in iron sulfides mineralogy, deterioration of architectural materials, and analytical geochemistry., and analytical geochemistry.


Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) Lab (Room 424/426)
Professor James B. Murowchick
A Varian UltraMass 600 ICPMS is used for minor to trace level elemental analyses of a wide range of materials, including rocks, soils, waters, biological materials, and synthetic substances. A Cetac Ultrasonic nebulizer in the lab can also be used with the ICPMS for increased sensiticvity. The lab also includes a Thermo ICAP 61e optical ICP for analysis of elements of environmental interest at per cent to parts per million concentrations. The adjoining sample preparation lab includes a CEM MARS microwave digestion system, analytical balances, high purity water, and a full range of standards and supplies.


Geologic and Environmental Samples and Field Preparation (Room 115)
Professor Raymond M.Coveney, Jr. 
Equipment used to prepare cores, thin and polished sections of rocks, minerals, and synthetic materials. The room is also used for research on rocks, minerals, cores, soils, and water samples as well as for staging field surveying equipment.

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