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NEH Border Wars

Children and Youth in History



Center for Midwestern Studies

Trug und Schein

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A&S Advising - 816-235-1148

Financial Aid - 816-235-1154

Writing Center - 816-235-1146

UMKC Police - 816-235-1515

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Masters Advisor
Massimilliano Vitiello
Phone: 816-235-5959
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IPhD Coordinator
Lynda Payne
Phone: 816-235-2539
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Internship Director
Christopher Cantwell
Phone: 816-235-2551
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203 Cockefair Hall
5121 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone: 816-235-1631
Fax: 816-235-5723

Department Chair
Diane Mutti Burke
Phone: 816-235-2549
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Undergraduate Advisors
Dennis Merrill (major and minor audits only)
Phone: 816-235-2542
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Chainy Folsom
Phone: 816-235-1631
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