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Andrew S. Bergerson

Modern Europe, Modern Germany, Everyday Life, Material Culture, German Studies Advisor, Certificate in Holocaust & IPhD in Public Humanities
Affiliated Faculty, Minor in German Studies & MA in Public History 

223C Cockefair Hall
Phone: 816-235-5728
Google: AndrewSBergerson
Skype: andrewbergerson
Twitter: @GermanSisyphus

Curriculum Vitae


1998 Ph.D., University of Chicago

1990 M.A., University of Chicago

1988 B.A., Cornell University

1986 Study Abroad, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Bio Sketch

Dr. Bergerson completed his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago focusing on modern German history. He served for one year as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Franklin & Marshall College before joining the UMKC history department in 1999. An historian of everyday life, Bergerson's research focuses on the historical impact of everyday ways of being, believing, and behaving. Much of his research focuses on a longstanding research engagement in Hildesheim, a provincial town in Lower Saxony. His first book, Ordinary Germans in Extraordinary Times (2004) focused on the role of ordinary Hildesheimers in the Nazi revolution. A German translation is forthcoming in 2016 from Gerstenberg Verlag under the title: Entscheidung im Alltag. His second book, The Happy Burden of History (coauthored with K. Scott Baker, Clancy Martin, and Steve Ostovich) appeared in 2011. It explored the meaning and possibilities for historical responsibility in light of examples and counterexamples from modern German life and letters. In a new collaborative project, Dr. Bergerson and Leonard Schmieding, PhD, led a team of scholars, ATG26, to coauthor an integrative monograph: entitled Ruptures in the Everyday: Views of Modern Germany from the Ground, it is forthcoming in 2016 from Berghahn Books. He is a lead investigator with Thomas Mundschick, PhD, in a new interdisciplinary, multimedia web project in the digital humanities, Trug und Schein: Ein Briefwechsel. And he is the new Book Review Editor for history and social science titles at the German Studies Review.

Recently Taught Courses 

> HIST 208  World History since 1450

> HIST 240  European Culture, History & Ideas: Introduction to German Studies

> HIST 240  European Culture, History & Ideas: Nazi Occupied Europe and the Holocaust

> HIST 5581GR  Graduate Colloquium: How To-History I

> HIST 5587  Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies

> "Trug und Schein." Briefe aus dem und über den 2. Weltkrieg (University of Vienna, Austria)

> Nations & Empires: Nineteenth Century World History (National Taipei University, Taiwan, R. O. C.)

> Graduate Seminar: Writing Academic History in English (National Taipei University, Taiwan, R. O. C.)

Recent Scholarship

Major Projects

Book Review Editor, German Studies Review, History and Social Science

with ATG26, Ruptures in the Everyday: Views of Modern Germany from the Ground (New York: Berghahn Books)

with Thomas Mundschick, Trug und Schein: Ein Briefwechsel and follow on Twitter @HildeundRoland, 2013-2016.

Entscheidung im Alltag: die NS-Revolution in Hildesheim, Schriftenreihe des Stadtarchivs und der Stadtbibliothek Hildesheim (Gerstenberg Verlag: Hildesheim), awaiting printing 2013.

with K. Scott Baker, Clancy Martin, and Steve Ostovich, The Happy Burden of History, or The German Sisyphus, with K. Scott Baker, Clancy Martin and Steven T. Ostovich (Berlin: de Gruyter), 2004.

Ordinary Germans in Extraordinary Times: the Nazi Revolution in Hildesheim (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press), 2004.

“Gott, Liebe, Führer. Die Aushandlung von Beziehungen im Briefwechsel,” In: Der Ort der "Volksgemeinschaft" in der deutschen Gesellschaftsgeschichte, forthcoming 2016.

Recent Minor Projects

with Nathan Lindsay, Leah Gensheimer, and Dan Stroud, "Tuning History at UMKC: Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Focus Groups," History Teacher, forthcoming 2016.

with Joachim Haeberlen, Josie McLellan, Marcel Streng, “Forum: The Contours of the Political,” German History 33.2 (2015): 255-273.

“Reconstructing the Self: The Uses of Alt-Hildesheim after its Destruction,” in Georg Wagner-Kyora, Ed., Rebuilding European Cities: Reconstructions, Modernity and the Local Politics of Identity Construction since 1945, (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner), 272-310.

Grants, Honors & Awards

2015 Guest Professor, History Department, National Taipei University, Sanxia, Taiwan

2015 Guest Lecturer, Institut fÜr Europäische Ethnologie, Universität Wien

2015 Guest Researcher, L'Université Paris X-Ouest Nanterre La Défense

2013 Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, Grant for International Workshop, “Contours of the Everyday: Views from the Ground,” 20.000 Euros/$27,000, Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universität München, May 10-12

2013 Online Instructional Supplement, College of Arts & Sciences, $2000

2006-2007 PI, with Andrew Goodenow and Michael Strait, Development Grant for ePortfolios, intramural

2006 History News Network “Top Young Historian,”

2005 UMKC Trustee’s Faculty Scholar Award for Research