department of history


Christopher D. Cantwell

Assistant Professor
Internship Director

Religious History, Public History, Digital History, 19th and 20th Century U.S.

222A Cockefair Hall
Phone: 816-235-2551


2012 Ph.D., Cornell University

2006 M.A., Cornell University

2003 B.A., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Courses for Fall 2013

> HIST 300B  Introduction to Public History

> HIST 401A  Religion in America


The Pew and the Picket Line: Christianity and the American Working Class. (University of Illinois Press, 2016). Co-edited with Heath W. Carter and Janine Giordano Drake.

Religion, Media, and the Digital Turn (New YorkL: Social Science Research Council, 2015). With Hussein Rashid.).

"Religion in the City, 1900-2000," Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History (commissioned for Summer 2013 issue).

"Where Two of More ar Gathered: The Adult Bible Class Movement and the Lived Religion of Scripture," in The Bible in American Life, Phillip Goff and Art Farnsley II, eds. (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)..

"Sacred City: Chicago's Built Religious Environment," in Out of the Loop: Vernacular Architecture Forum Chicago, Virginia B. Price, David A. Spatz, and D. Bradford Hunt, eds. (Chicago: Agate Midway Publishers, 2015), 19-28.

"Beyond the Protestant Nation: Religion and the Narrative of American History,” Fides et Historia 44 no. 2 (2012): 56-83.

“Self, Subject, and the Sacred: Biography and American Religious History,” Religion Compass, John Bulter, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Digital Projects

"Curator. Edgar Snow: Citizen of the World." (University of Missouri Kansas City's LaBudde Special Collections, Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation, and the Center for Midwestern Studies, 2016).

@Preacher_Bot: An Experiment in Evangelical Speechmaking. A twitter bot I built to explore the discourse of comtemporary evangelicalism. Read more about the project at the Religion in American History Blog.

Co-Curator. Out of Many: Religious Pluralism in American. (Newberry Library, 2013). With Daniel Greene.

Project Team. The Civil War in Letters: A Newberry Library Transcription Project. (Newberry Library and the Terra Foundation of American Art, 2013).

Other Writings

“From Index Cards to Text Files: Digital Workflows for Today's Historian,” The American Historian (Nov. 2016), pp. 21-25.

“The Digital Futures of Religious Studies,” Religious Studies News (2 Mar. 2015).

“Illinois: An Auto Worker Reconciles God and Mammon,” Religion and Politics, "States of the Union" series (1 Oct. 2014).

“Interviews with Young Historians,” Appendix 2:1 (2014).

Grant Projects

Co-Director. "Out of Many: Religious Pluralism in America." An NEH Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges program held at the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois (2012-2014).