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Meet the History Department

The faculty of the Department of History believe their discipline is an essential component of a liberal arts education. As an important part of the curriculum, historical study enables students to understand the interaction of many aspects of state, society and culture, and the dynamics of human change. It offers valuable perspective on contemporary problems as well as providing knowledge of the past for its own inherent interest.

Our faculty is a small but highly productive group of scholars, all are active scholars who hold their Ph.D.s, earned at major universities. All are involved in personal research projects, many of which have carried them throughout the world.

Faculty & Research Specialization

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William B. Ashworth, Jr.
    Science, Renaissance, Early Modern European
Andrew S. Bergerson
    Modern European, Modern German, Everyday Life, Material Culture, German Studies
Rebecca Miller Davis
    20th Century America, Civil Rights, African American History, New South
Gary L. Ebersole
    Religious, Japanese, Cultural
Sandra I. EnrÍquez
    Chicana/o and Latino/a, Borderlands, Urban, Public, Oral History
Miriam Forman-Brunell
    US girls, women/gender; material culture; digital humanities
David Freeman
    Early Modern European, Dutch, Religion, Atlantic World
Brian Frehner
    American West, Environmental, Science and Technology
Viviana Grieco
    Colonial and Modern Latin American, Gender and Sexuality, Political Culture, Economic and Social
John Herron
    Environmental, Western United States, 19th and 20th Century United States
Dennis Merrill
    U.S. Diplomatic, Contemporary U.S., Modern Latin America, Globalization, International Relations
Linda E. Mitchell
    Medieval British Isles, Women & Gender, Medieval Legal & Administrative, Ancient Greece & Rome
Diane Mutti Burke
    19th Century America, American South, Civil War, Early American Women, U.S. Social History
Matthew Warner Osborn
    Early America
Lynda S. Payne
    Modern British, Science, Medicine, Gender, The Body, Women, Early Modern European
Massimiliano Vitiello
    Ancient History, Late Antiquity

Emeriti Faculty

James S. Falls
    Ancient, Medieval English
Carla L. Klausner
    Islamic, Ottoman, Modern Middle East, Medieval Europe, Medieval Jewish
Patrick A. Peebles
    World, Quantitative Methods, South Asia
Louis W. Potts
    Early America to 1828, U.S. Constitutional, Technology