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Gary L. Ebersole

History of Religion, Japan, Cultural History

223B Cockefair Hall
Phone: 816-235-5704

Bio Sketch

Dr. Ebersole is an expert in Japanese religions, and specializes in the comparative-historical study of religion. His current interests include religion and emotion, including the phenomenon of ritual weeping; religion and the body; and religion as it relates to issues of time and space. He is the author of Ritual Poetry and the Politics of Death in Early Japan (Princeton University Press), and Captured by Texts: Puritan to Postmodern Images of Indian Captivity (University Press of Virginia). He is currently completing a monograph entitled Telling Tears: Towards a Comparative and Historical Study of Ritualized Weeping.

Courses Taught 

> HIST 401A Religion in America

> HIST 462J Japanese Civilization