department of history


Viviana Grieco

Associate Professor
Colonial and Modern Latin American, Gender and Sexuality, Political Culture, Economic and Social

203C Cockefair Hall
Phone: 816-235-2548

Curriculum Vitae


2005 Ph.D. Latin American History, Emory University

1999 M.A. Latin American History and Early Modern European History, Emory University

1995 Profesor de Enseñanza Media y Superior en Historia, University de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courses Taught 

> HIST 300RH  Special Studies: Colonial Latin America

> HIST 300P  Women and Gender in Latin America

> HIST 400CS  CC: Latin American Crises and Opportunities

> HIST 406  Modern Latin America



“The Politics of Giving. Donors, Lenders, Subjects and Citizens in the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. 1793-1816.” The University of New Mexico Press (2014).


“Socializing the king’s debt: Local and Atlantic financial transactions of the merchants of Buenos Aires, 1793-1808.” The Americas, 65:3 January 2009, 321-350.

“Two Heads for one Body. Superintendant Sánz welcomes Viceroy Loreto to the city of Buenos Aires.” SECOLAS Annals. Vol. 38, 2006, pp. 13-33.

“Family and Political Authority in Early Independent Buenos Aires: Rituals, Practices and Texts.” Forthcoming in The Colonial Latin American Historical Review.

Grants, Honors & Awards

2008-2009 The John Carter Brown Library Fellowship Program (The Jose Amor y Vazquez Fellowship)

2008-2009 The University of Missouri Research Board Grant

2007-2008 The UMKC-FACET Teaching Enhancement Grant

UMKC Women’s and Gender Studies Research Grant