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Online History Minor

Studying history provides students with unique opportunities to develop their intellectual passions, interests, abilities, skills (critical thinking, research, writing, and oral communication) and sensibilities—insight, empathy, and perspective.

Understanding the past provides students with a rich foundation of learning and valuable skills upon which more specialized knowledge can be built. A history background can help students build a range of careers—from business to government to education to the law—and facilitate the pursuit of alternative paths especially valuable in a fluid labor market.

Unlike brick-and-mortar classes, online courses open doors to the past by providing greater flexibility for students juggling hectic work schedules and heavy family obligations. Online courses offer history minors with a quicker path to a specialization than a double major; the opportunity to explore a second interest and still graduate on time; the background needed to pursue graduate work in history and other fields; a diverse educational portfolio that strengthens job skills, employment opportunities, and professional careers in law, education, research, journalism, and public history.

While expanding historical competence, online history minors develop computer literacy and communication skills. By utilizing a variety of innovative digital tools and creative teaching methods, online history courses enhance student performance and proficiencies in analytic thinking, reading, writing, and the exchange of ideas. Online courses provide greater opportunities for interpersonal interactions among students as well as one-on-one communication with helpful instructors who are specialists in their field.

Requirements: Completing a minor in history requires a minimum of 18-credit hours of coursework in the discipline. While there are no required courses, at least 12 credits must be at the 300- and 400-level. A maximum of 6 of the 18-credit hours may be taken in two 100- and 200-level survey courses.

For more information about the online minor program or any of our department’s online courses, contact Dr. Miriam Forman-Brunell or Dr. Viviana Grieco.

Online History Courses for Summer 2016

First 4 Week 6/6 - 7/1
HIST 101 U.S. to 1877
HIST 102 U.S. since 1877
HIST 300G/5500G Girls and Pop Culture
ANCH 209 Myths of the Spanish Conquest

Second 4 Week 7/5 - 7/29
HIST 101 U.S. to 1877
HIST 102 U.S. since 1877

Online History Courses for Fall 2016

8/22 - 12/16
HIST 101 U.S. to 1877
HIST 368/5500 Children and Youth in America
ANCH 209 Myths of the Spanish Conquest