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Why study in the Consortium?

Most universities are limited to the faculty of one institution. This Consortium brings together scholars from a very wide range of disciplines from institutions throughout the Kansas City region. It allows you far more flexibility in terms of developing topics for your coursework and projects. The CHS is also administered by the MCHE: the leading institution in Holocaust education in the region and one of the best in the United States. Our location in the Kansas City region also provides rich opportunities for students to make use of the many archives, libraries, museums, and arts institutions in the region.

Faculty / Executive Committee

  • Andrew S. Bergerson, Prof., Dept. of History, University of Missouri-Kansas City and UMKC Representative

Professor Bergerson is a specialist in modern German History. An interdisciplinary historian of everyday life, he has published several books and many articles on ordinary Germans and their role in undermining their civil society and building a fascist and racist community. He is also interested in the question of how one takes responsibility for genocide in the past and present.

  • Shelly Cline, Public Historian, Midwest Center for Holocaust Education and CHS Program Coordinator

Dr. Cline received her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Modern European History. Her research focuses on the gendered perpetration of the Holocaust and has been supported by grants from the University of Kansas and the Universitat Hamburg. Before joining the staff of MCHE she served as an instructor for the University of Kansas and the Kansas City Art Institute, teaching courses in Western philosophy, modern Europe, antisemitism, and the Holocaust.

  • Brian J. Cowley, Prof. of Psychology, Chair of the Dept. of Psychology & Sociology, Park University and Park University Representative

Professor Cowley completed a Bachelors of Science degree at Utah State University in Psychology (1987), a Masters of Science degree at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in Behavior Analysis and Therapy (1989), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Kansas in Developmental and Child Psychology (1998). His previous teaching posts were at Northeastern State University as an Assistant Professor (4 years) and at the University of Florida as a Senior Behavior Analyst (2 years). Dr. Cowley has taught at Park University for 11 years. He is currently Professor of Psychology. His most recent scholarship includes environmental sustainability, internationalization, interfaith dialogue, and Holocaust studies.

  • Jeffrey Myers, Prof. of History, Avila University and Avila University Representative

Professor Myers is a historian of modern German history, initially studying nineteenth-century Germany. Since his arrival at Avila University in 1995, however, he has collaborated with Dr. Charlene Gould, Professor of Theatre, to teach, research, publish, and produce actual productions in the field of Holocaust theatre. His most recent scholarly interests are located within the interdisciplinary space of Holocaust Studies.

Affiliated Faculty from MCHE's Holocaust Education Academic Round Table (HEART)

  • Connie Corbett-Whittier, Prof., Dept. of English & Humanities, Friends University
  • Charles Heller, Prof. Emer., Command & Leadership Dept., U.S. Army Comm. & General Staff College
  • Milton Katz, Prof., Dept. of Liberal Arts, Kansas City Art Institute
  • Carla Klausner, Prof., Dept. of History, University of Missouri -Kansas City
  • James Murray III, Prof., Dept. of Music, MCC-Maple Woods Community College
  • Martin Shuster, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Avila University
  • Zvi Tannenbaum, Prof., Dept. of Social Science, Missouri Southern State University
  • Hal Wert, Prof., Dept. of Liberal Arts, Kansas City Art Institute
  • George Wiley, Prof. Emer., Dept. of Religion and Philosophy, Baker University

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phone: 816.235.6257

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