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As a dual credit student, you’ll be considered a UMKC student and have the same benefits as on-campus students. Students completing a UMKC HSCP course are awarded an official UMKC transcript.

Dual Credit Students are Considered UMKC Students

Be a College Student Now


Apply for Admissions

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Register for Class

Obtain a paper enrollment form from your high school instructor. A separate enrollment form needs to be completed for each course you want to take. If you are an International Student be sure to submit acceptable documents (see list below) that shows your citizenship or legal residency.

• Copy of information/photo page in your passport
• Permanent residency card (front and back)
• Copy of your current visa
• Copy of your I-94 card documentation
• Copy of your current I-20/DS-2019 document

Be sure to submit enrollment materials to the high school instructor before the deadline. DO NOT DIRECTLY MAIL YOUR ENROLLMENT MATERIALS TO OUR OFFICE.




Pay Tuition & Fees

Tuition at UMKC HSCP is $92.67 per credit hour, there is no registration fee. There are several different payment options available. Find more about these options on the Cashier’s Office website or feel free to make a prepayment.  If you prefer to be billed over the semester please print, complete and return a Statement of Financial Responsibility form to your high school instructor along with your Registration form. Tuition assistance is available on a limited need/or merit basis. YOUR REGISTRATION FORM WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT INDICATING A FORM OF PAYMENT.


Pathway Access

As a UMKC-HSCP student you have access to most amenities and services as any other UMKC student*. In order to access to your grades, transcript information and other services, you will need to create a Pathway account. Use these helpful directions to set up your Pathway account.


*Students will have access to on-campus libraries with a student ID. ID cards are available upon request.



Become eligible for up to a $20,000 Scholarship for the College of Arts & Sciences

Planning on selecting a major in the College of Arts and Sciences? You could become eligible for up to a $20,000 scholarship. The College awards eligible HSCP students up to $5,000 renewable for up to four years.


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