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(Descriptions taken from UMKC Course Catalogue)

• HISTORY 102 – U.S. History Since 1877: This course covers American history from the end of Reconstruction to the present. • HISTORY 201 – European History to 1600: This course surveys the political, social and cultural history of Europe from ancient times to 1600. Beginning with a brief description of the riverine civilizations of the ancient Near East, the course then examines the political and cultural evolution of classical Greco-Roman civilization, the medieval world, the rise of the national state, and the essential characteristics of the eras of the Renaissance and Reformation.

• MATH 110 – College Algebra: Review of elementary algebra, solution of equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, inequalities, systems of linear equations, equations of second degree and their graphs, binomial theorem, complex numbers, and polynomials. Credit will not be given for both MATH 110 and MATH 120.

• MATH 210 - Calculus I: Functions and graphs, rational, trigonometric, exponential functions, composite and inverse functions, limits and continuity, differentiation and its applications, integration and its applications. Prerequisites: MATH 120 (C- or higher), or both MATH 110 and MATH 125 (C- or higher), or ALEKS assessment score of 76% or higher.

• CHEM 211 – General Chemistry I: Stoichiometry, gas laws, thermochemistry, atomic structure, molecular shapes and bonding theories. Prerequisites: Working knowledge of College Algebra. Co-requisites: CHEM 211L.

• CHEM 211L – Experimental General Chemistry I: Introduction to the laboratory techniques used in studying the chemical properties of substances. Some quantitative techniques are included. Co-requisites: CHEM 211.

• COMP-SCI 101 – Problem Solving and Programming I: Problem solving, algorithms, and program design. Use of structured programming, lists, control structures, recursion, objects and files in Python. Introduction to graphical interface programming. Coding, testing and debugging using a modern development environment. Prerequisites: MATH 110 (or equivalent).

• PSYCH 210 – General Psychology: A survey of the fundamental principles, theories, and methods of psychological science. Offered: Each semester.

• POL-SCI 210 – American Government: American government and politics, with special reference to the U.S. Constitution. This course meets the state requirement for study of the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions.

• PHYSICS 210 – General Physics I: Introduction to mechanics, wave motion and sound and heat and thermodynamics. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory per week. Co-requisites: At least MATH 110, MATH 120 suggested.

• LS-ANATO 218 – Introductory Anatomy: Description and discussion of the cells, organs, organ systems and basic tissues of vertebrates with special emphasis on their interrelationships in functional anatomy. Prerequisites: BIOLOGY 102 (or BIOLOGY 108) (or BIOLOGY 109).

• LS-ANATO 218L – Introductory Anatomy Laboratory: Laboratory investigation of cells, tissues, and organs with special emphasis on their interrelationship in vertebrates. Co-requisites: LS-ANATO 218.


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