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Program List - Year 2000

Every Thursday 6:30-7:30 P.M.

01/06 Hoffa's Acid Tests: Overnite Strike & NAFTA Trucking
01/13 World Trade Watch
01/20 Update on Richards Gebaur and Building the Kansas City Fair Trade Coalition
01/27 How to Run Contract Campaigns
02/03 HLF News and Music Follies
02/10 Safety Fest: Tunes & Tips from Safety Bob and Mary
02/17 Kids R Workers
02/24 Trade Deficit: Does It Matter? A Debate
03/02 Super Tuesday: Where Do the Candidates Stand on Labor Issues?
03/09 HLF News & Music Follies with a Focus on Rebel Voices
03/16 Union Busting at AG Warehouse; A Job That Counts: Census 2000
03/23 Working Women 2000: Report from the Conference
03/30 Local Bread & Roses: How to Bring Them to Your Dinner Table
04/06 Labor's Work-to-School Programs: Childcare Apprenticeship and GED On-Line
04/13 Saturn Workers Choose the Old Way and Media Watchdog Gene DeVaux
04/20 Kids R Workers (rescheduled)
04/27 TIFs: Corporate Welfare or Job Creation?; AFTRA Update
05/04 May Day: War on the Workers? Teamster AWG Update
05/11 Nurses United Will Never Be Defeated
05/18 Equal Pay Matters
05/25 The New Youth Movement
06/01 Immigrant Workers: the AFL-CIO Changes Course
06/08 Magazine: Detroit News/Free Press Lockout Wrapup; GSI Locks Out Duluth Workers; Direct Action: How's It Done?
06/15 Playing with the Numbers - Sending the Unemployed to Prison
06/22 Wal-Martizing the Grocery Business
06/29 HLF News & Music Follies
07/06 Healthcare Crisis I: White Paper on Health Midwest; Rerun Vote at St. Louis Hospital; Universal Healthcare Revisited
07/13 Healthcare Crisis II: Patient Rights and Prescription Drugs with Focus on Carnahan and Ashcroft Positions.
07/20 Magazine: ADCO Shutdown; Overnite Update; New IAM 1650 President Ralph (Butch) Sponaugle
07/27 Summer Reading for Working Families
08/03 What's Become of our Right to Assemble?
08/10 Women in Non-Traditional Jobs
08/17 Magazine: PWBA - Pension Protector; Union Buster - Goya Foods; What Happened to the Anti-NAFTA Law Suit
08/24 Criminal Injustice: Sending Your Tax Dollars to Prison
08/31 HLF News & Music Follies
09/07 Look For the UNION LABEL WEEK & Jack Metzger's New Book: Striking Steel
09/14 The Selling of Free Trade: NAFTA, Washington & the Subversion of American Democracy - new book - & the Anti-NAFTA law suit
09/21 Union Apprenticeship: Turning Lives Around
09/28 New Breed of Leader: Painters International Pres. Mike Monroe
10/05 From Field to Union Table - a Farmer-Labor Collaboration; RATS: New Musical
10/12 Election 2000 Forum: Missouri & Kansas Legislative Candidates
10/19 Let Us Entertain You: Unions in the Arts Workplace
10/26 Elections 2000 Forum: Congressional & Statewide Candidates
11/02 The Power of Working Women Voters
11/09 TIFs, Taxes & Corporate Welfare: Greg LeRoy of the Good Jobs First; Human Rights Watch: US Violates Workers' Rights
11/16 KKFI Pledge Drive: Support Alternative Media and Labor Radio!
11/23 Do You Work for a Turkey? - Call-in and tell us
11/30 Is There a Culture of the Working Class?
12/07 The Life of a Letter Carrier
12/14 Show-Me State Employees Tell All
12/21 Is Someone Scheming on Your Pay? - Call-in
12/28 HLF News & Music Follies

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