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Program List - Year 2001

Every Thursday 6:30-7:30 P.M.

01/04 Privatization: Will Bush Open the Floodgates?
01/11 Sweatshops at Home and Abroad: LL Bean,Nike and Chentex
01/18 The Bank Merger mania - What's It Mean for Working People?
01/25 Professionals Organize - Lawyers and Nurses
02/01 Working Families Dot Cyberspace & Korean Unions Up Against the IMF
02/08 New Books: Who is the Working Class? & Competing for Capital
02/15 Criminializing the Working class - Kansas Prison Mobs
02/22 Organizing Boat workers (Casinos and Gulf Coast Mariners) and California Fair Share Organizing
03/01 Should the State Take Over KCMO School District? and the Pepsi Strike and Lipton Settlement
03/08 It's International Women's Day!
03/15 Economists Debate the Bush Tax Cut with Gene Wagner and Randy Wray and Call-ins too
03/22 The New Tyranny of George III: Union Busting Executive Orders and NAFTA Trucking
03/29 Magazine: Labor Notes Conference; Corporations vs. the People; Disability Act Disabled
04/05 Gun Control: Is There a Middle Ground? Debate
04/12 From Buenos Aires to Quebec: NAFTA for the Americas
04/19 The Life & Times of Joe Glazier, Labor's Troubadour
04/26 OrganizingTools.com
05/03 Free for Whom? The Free Trade Area of the Americas & Report Back from KC and Quebec Demonstrations
05/10 Going Out with Honor: The Steelworkers at GST
05/17 PLEDGE DRIVE Special
05/24 Nurses United: It's All About Improving Patient Care
05/31 Magazine: The National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice; A Kansas Living Wage? And Missouri Legislative Update
06/07 Utility Deregulation Shocking Your Pocketbook
06/14 Off air
06/21 New Farmer/Labor Links That Sidestep Agribusiness
06/28 Good Pensions, Bad Pensions & How They Should Be Invested
07/05 Mix
07/12 A Freshman Goes to Jeff City; What Did He/She Learn?
07/19 Magazine: New Weapon to Stop Demonstrations; MO-KAN Federal Union Coalition; The Charleston 5
07/26 News & Music Follies and the Bush Watchdogs
08/02 August 7 Ballot Measures: KC Renaissance?
08/09 Magazine: Sojourner Truth Meets Mother Jones; New Book on Solidarity Unionism; Progressive Populist Margo McMillan
08/16 Healthcare Worker Follies(?)
08/23 Working Class Sprinsteen
08/30 The Importance of Organizing
09/06 Labor Day Special: Interviews with Kate Bronfenbrenner, Tom Juravich & Dan La Botz
09/13 United Way in KCK and KU Teaching Assistants Fight the University
09/20 Holden Out for a Union: the Missouri Public Employees Executive Order
09/27 Biopiracy: Corporate Theft of Nature and Bikin' to Work
10/04 Just Food from Real Farmers
10/11 Wal-Mart's Worst Fears: Worker Organizing
10/18 What Women Want: The 2001 Midwest School for Women Workers
10/25 Labor Song Catchers: Larry Penn, Bulky Halker, George & Julius Mann
11/01 Campus Equity Week for UMKC Part Time Faculty; The Able Disabled: Working with Disabilities; Safety 1st: How to Open Mail
11/08 State of the Economy I: The Big Picture & KC Construction Trends
11/15 KKFI Pledge Drive; The Charleston 5 Update; and Ride Your Bike to Work To Get a Tax Break?
11/22 Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving Trot
11/29 Food Forum: Do You Know Where Your Food Has Been?
12/06 State of the Economy II: Unemployment & Laid-off KC Workers
12/13 Corporate Accountability: Monitoring Sweatshops Can It Be Done? & Responsible Investing
12/20 Magazine: Where's Your Flag Shirt Made? The Airline Bailout & New Book: In Transit
12/27 HLF News & Music Follies with a book review: New Novel about the NLRB

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