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Program List - Year 2003

Every Thursday 6:30-7:30 P.M.

01/02 Making Civil Servants At-Will employees and other anti-worker scams
01/09 Bringing GE to Light
01/16 The Budget Crisis: Why are Kansas and Missouri Broke?
01/23 Sports Unions: Are They?
01/30 Where Have All the Liberals Gone? The Future of the Democrats
02/06 What's Up with the U.S. Postal Service?
02/13 The Struggle for World Resources I: Water Privatization
02/20 The Struggle for World Resources II: Follow the Oil to Iraq
02/27 War with Iraq: Follow the Money
03/06 Magazine: Kemper Privatization; Missouri Prevailing Wage Under Attack; From Boeing to Topeka: Kansas Rep. Dale Swensen
Attack on America - a four-part series

03/13 Attack on the Constitution: Patriot II - and a special feature: Labor/Justice Musicians Charlie King and Karen Brandow
03/20 Attack on Unions and the Right to Strike
03/27 Attack on Our Economic Future - The Bush Tax Plan
04/03 Attack on Our Right to Information - How Media & Government Keep Us Ignorant
04/10 Race, Class and the Missouri Death Penalty
04/17 Water Wars II - Privatization Revisited
04/24 Culture Under Fire Week: The IWW and Free Speech

05/01 May Day! Patient Care Day with Nurses United & Interview with United Farmworker's President Arturo Rodriguez
05/08 Decent Jobs Leaving on a Jet Plane? The Saga of UNAmerican Airlines
05/15 Return of the Jungle: Upton Sinclair Wrote It. Is Tyson's the Sequel?
05/22 Workers Without Rights Then and Now: Organizing in the South and in Mexico
05/29 Magazines: George Catlin - New Tomorrow? and Plugging Missouri Tax Loopholes
06/05 Two Struggles in the Transport Industry: Railway Workers Families Revolt and '34 Revisited - Longshoremen Shot in the Back
06/12 Privatized Postal Workers Organize
06/19 Nursing Home Organizing Stories & The New CLUW
06/26 Ashcroft's Revenge: Overtime, Comptime, No Time
07/03 Uniform Justice for Cintas Workers and Lin Tauheed on the End of Kansas City School Desegregation
07/10 Railway Stories
Series on the Healthcare Crisis
07/17 Prescription for Disaster? The Bush Drug Plan
07/24 Democrats Debate Healthcare Reform
07/31 Healthcare Reform Call-in
08/07 News and Music Follies
08/14 Summer Reading: More on Organizing the South, The Divine Right of Capital, and Addicted to War (a comic book)
08/21 From NAFTA to the FTAA: the Victims Multiply
08/28 Is Any Day Labor Day at Wal-Mart
09/04 Selling Off the Government: Privatization & Outsourcing of our Air Traffic Control System and the Department of Defense
09/11 Magazine: Building Trades to the Rescue and Working to Live or Living to Work?
09/18 Remembering Ludlow!
09/25 Who Rules? Your Vote or the Corporations and Electronic Vote Fraud and an Interview with Tom Hartman
10/02 Work Comp - Your Rights & Your Questions - Call-in Show
10/09 Declaration of [Energy] Independence: The Apollo Energy Project and Free Trade Area of the Americas TeachIn
10/16 Rolling Thunder! A Progressive Peoples' Fair Coming to KC October 18th
10/23 Teamster Organizing Show
10/30 The Golden Door: Open or Closed? Immigrant Workers Tell Their Stories & the Anti-Immigrant Movement.
11/06 The Research Hospital Union Election with the Steelworkers and Nurses United
11/13 Veterans Day: Coming Home to What? and Military Uniforms: Made in Prison
11/20 New Music and Poetry from KC Union Women Deb Shoaf and Suzy Vaughn
11/27 A Story of Thanksgiving
12/04 Magazine: DoBuys and Don't Buys for Christmas; Overtime Law Revisited; Taking the High Road-A Book Review
12/11 Voice at Work Workers Rights Teachin
12/18 Bush is Scheming on Federal Workers: (1) An Interview with New AFGE President John Gage and (2) The President's Postal Commission
12/25Christmas in Ludlow


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