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Program List - Year 2004

Every Thursday 6:00-7:00 P.M.

with rebroadcast every Friday 5:00-6:00 A.M.

01/01 The Wal-Martian Chronicles. A rerun of our ILCA Award Winning Show
01/08 The Miami Model: Subverting the Constitution
01/15 Union Endorsements of Presidential Hopefuls: Do They Mean Much?
01/22 Holden' the Line: The Missouri Legislative Agenda
01/29 Iraq: Can You Build Democracy Without Free Unions? Colombia: Privatizing the Phone Company
02/05 Media Reform
02/12 The Bush Economic Recovery: Guns and Butter or Smoke and Mirrors?
02/19 Recent "Reforms" -- Medicare, Workfare -- No Fair!
02/26 New Books: Framed: Labor & the Corporate Media, NAFTA's Children, and Naming the System: Inequality & Work in the Global Economy
03/04 Making History: An Interview with Dolores Huerta of the United Farmworkers Union and Other Local Women Makers of History
USF Dugan Workers Organize: a call-in show
03/18 CINTAS: Workers' Rights and Wrongs
03/25 Making Cars Without Workers: Outsourcing and Automation
04/01 How Do You Organize Where You Work?
04/08 GROW Kansas to Save Jobs and an Interview on the State of the Economy with Sheldon Stahl (former VP   of KC Federal Reserve Bank)

04/15 Prevailing Wage Laws: Do They Help Missouri's Economy?
04/22 Electronic Voting: Interview with Thom Hartmann and Will Your Vote Count in Missouri and Kansas?
04/29 Facing the Elections: Focus on Taxes and the new Central American Free Trade Agreement

05/06 Bob Kuttner on why we need society and Presidential B u S h
KKFI Pledge Drive Special -- special guests, special moments from past shows
05/20 2nd KKFI Pledge Drive Special -- more special guests and special moments
05/27 From American Rights at Work to Americ's Watch: Davido Bonior and Father Roy Bourgeois both discuss workers' rights

06/03 Wal-Mart again: the high cost of low prices
06/10 Show US the Jobs
06/17 Summer Reading:   From Blackjacks to Briefcases, A History of Strike Breaking ; Bush Women ; the Bush Dynasty
06/24 Hard Work, Hardly Living: Voices of the Working Poor

07/1 The Trouble with Kansas: How Conservatives Stole Won the Heart of America: an interview with Thomas Frank and The Workplace Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education

07/8 Labor Opera: Murder at the Rouge and a Tribute to Victor Reuther

07/15 The Million Worker March and Why It's Needed

07/22 Law & Order in Jackson County: Sheriff and Prosecutor Elections

07/29 Target Missouri: Organizing for the Election in a Swing State

08/5 Who Really Pays for the Uninsured and What Can We Do About It?

08/12 The Big Squeeze: War, Inflation and Wages – an Economic Forum

08/19 New Books: Rising from the Ashes: Pullman Porters & the making of the Black Middle Class by Larry Tye and Take the Rich Off Welfare by Mark Zepezauer

08/26 Iraqi Workers Two Months After “Self Rule” & Does the Trade Deficit Matter?

09/2 Labor Day News and Music Follies

09/9 Life of a Bus Driver

09/16 The Health Care Crisis is Wrecking Our Union Contracts and Our Economy

09/23 Outsourcing Missouri Jobs; Where Do the Candidates Stand?

09/30 Good Jobs and A Clean Environment: Wind Power, Energy Efficient Buildings, and Manufacturing for Sustainability

10/7 Candidate Forum: Missouri and Kansas Congressional Candidates

10/14 Candidate Forum: Missouri Legislative Races

10/21 Candidate Forum: Kansas Legislative Races


10/28 Making Sure Your Vote Counts: The Missouri Voter Protection Program

11/4 Magazine: Welfare for Wal-Mart? TNT Stands for "Teamsters Not Tolerated." Film Review: The Corporation

11/11 Magazine: Election Wrap-up. Work for DOD and See the World?

11/18 Two New books: Y ou Could Be Fired for Reading This Book and Unfair Advantage: Workers Freedom of Association in the U.S. and Phyllis Bennis on Privatizing Iraq

11/25 Coal Mining Then and Now: George McGovern on Ludlow and Virginia Mine Bankruptcies

12/2 Blood and Oil: Michael Klare and Gene Wagner on the Political Economy of Oil

12/9 Airlines: A Workers' Disaster and New Book: The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker

12/16 Bush's Ownership Society: Myth Information

12/23 Worker Organizing Outside the Box: New Ways of Organizing

12/30 Critical Condition: Healthcare As Big Business

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