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Most Students are Workplace Illiterate

Many students today work while in high school and go directly to work after graduating. Many go to college, but they are working too. Teachers tell us that current curriculum does little to prepare students for the workplace.

  • Do they know where the good jobs are?

  • Do they know which jobs are likely to be off-shored in the next 20 years?

  • Do they know about OSHA or their right to refuse dangerous work?

  • Do they know how to protect themselves when an employer violates their rights, or what a union is and how to organize one?


Teachers want curriculum that prepares students to work.

The LAP does just that!

What is LAP?

LAP prepares students for the world of work and introduces them to the labor organizations, which represent workers and protect worker interests.

LAP is a 15 lesson curriculum for high school students, apprentices, new entrants into the workforce and union members.

LAP fills that “hole” in the curriculum to meet the needs of students who already work or who are looking for alternatives to college.

LAP is interactive. It educates students about history and the economy, and it teaches skills to survive at work. It is adaptable to different types of school scheduling.  

LAP meets Kansas and Missouri Standards for social studies by addressing the history and ongoing activities of organized labor in the United States as well as working conditions and living standard in today's economy.

LAP was developed in cooperation with Kansas City area unions. A design team of teachers, unions and a student worked closely with The Institute for Labor Studies to develop and test it.


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