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Labor Awareness Program Overview
Training for the Workplace of the 21st Century


LAP is a 15 lesson curriculum for high school students, apprentices, new entrants into the workforce and union members.


With LAP Students Will Learn:

  • Where they might have worked 100 years ago.
  • What makes a job good and where the good jobs are.
  • How to represent labor or management in bargaining and resolving problems in two simulations at a mythical fast-food restaurant.
  • How we got weekends off and why we're losing them.
  • Why are children in the global economy making soccer balls and picking cocoa pods for our chocolate?

LAP is participative and interactive. It makes students think and teaches skills for survival

  • with simulations and roleplays
  • with field trips and resources
  • with writing, speaking, and problem solving exercises


LAP Contents

Section One


From Sweatshops to Solidarity: How American Workers Struggled for Jobs with Dignity              


Lesson 1  Why Focus On the Workplace and Unions?

              Labor History: The Struggle for Jobs with Dignity

              Child Labor in Industrializing America

              Tracking Racism in Midwest City

              5  Burger Bargaining (a simulation)

Section Two:


The Changing Workplace and the Global Economy

Lesson 6  New Technology: What Makes a Good Job?

             Field Trip to a High Tech Work Place

              Child Labor in the Developing World

              9  A Workers' View of t he Global Economy

            10  Finding Solutions in the Global Workplace

Section Three:


Out of the Classroom and into the World of Work: Tools for the 21 st Century Worker

Lesson 11  The Rights of Workers

              12  Conflict Resolution

   13  Where Will the Jobs Be? Training

          Opportunities for Lifelong Careers

   14  Issues, Activism and Education: Organizing

          for a Better Tomorrow

              15  Debate on a Labor Issue

Section Four:


  Resources: Bibliographies, Labor History Time Line,

  Glossary of Labor Organizations, Filmography,



The design of this curriculum envisions daily lessons for three weeks. However, lessons can be spaced out over a longer time or adapted to block or other type of scheduling.


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