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January 27-28, 2006

UMKC University Center

Pierson Hall

50th & Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO

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In late January Wal-Mart will hold its annual Managers Convention in Kansas City. While they plan to keep rolling back the American dream for workers and communities, we’ll hold a counter conference to Rollback Wal-Mart by building a broad movement to restore the dream of a society with good jobs and democratic, sustainable  communities. The conference is not just about Wal-Mart. We focus on them because they’re the trend-setters of corporate irresponsibility, but we think all retailers and their suppliers need to respect workers’ rights and be responsible citizens in communities where they operate. The conference will develop strategy and provide needed skills to activate concerned citizens, workers, and clergy.

AGENDA - flyer for poetry slam

Friday January 27 - Unconventional Entertainment

  • The Wal-Nut Suite – choreographed by Tuesday Faust
  • Big Box Slam and Open Mike with prizes
  • Music by Jim and Tommy Herrmann
  • Music by Linda Chubbuck
  • Guerilla theater by Brian Barnhart

Saturday January 28

9:00 Keynote Speaker Andy Grossman, Wal-Mart Watch
9:30 Panel of Wal-Mart workers from around the world (US,                     Colombia, Nicaragua, The Philippines)
10:15 Break
10:30 Breakout Session I - Workshops
11:45 Lunch
          Phil Mattera, author of Shopping for Subsidies: How Wal-Mart

            Uses Taxpayer Money. . .
          Panel of Wal-Mart Activists from the Region
1:15 Breakout Session 2
2:30 Break
2:45 Breakout Session 3
4:00 Rev. Spencer Barrett, Interfaith Worker Justice Kansas City


• Outreach: Delivering the message activating people
• Organizing small business to survive
• How to get the message in the media
• Writing chants and songs
• Banners and puppets for demonstrations
• Strategies to keep out big box stores
• “But I can’t afford not to shop at Wal- Mart" - Realistic Shopping Alternatives
• Derailing Wal-Mart’s Corporate Welfare

• How Wal-Mart fights unions and how unions are fighting back
• All the laws that Wal-Mart breaks: a primer on labor laws
• Countering Wal-Mart’s spin
• Would Jesus shop at Wal-Mart? Talking to your congregation
• Guerilla theater
• Building solidarity with Wal-Mart workers round the world
• Taking the “Wal-Mart is not cool” message to youth
• Community benefit agreements

Conference Co-sponsors

Interfaith Worker Justice
The Institute for Labor Studies
UAW Local 31
Tri-County Labor Council AFL-CIO
UFCW Local 2

United Food & Commercial Workers International
SEIU Local 1
Greater KC Fair Trade Coalition
Cross Border Network
Kansas City Federation of Teachers
Professional Airways Systems Specialists, (PASS) Chapter 253
Wal-Mart Watch
Wake Up Wal-Mart
Missouri AFL-CIO

Communications Workers Local 6450


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