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What People Are Saying About The Labor Awareness Program

"LAP provides teachers and students [with] readily available lessons and materials that help students develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective and critical analysis of the social, political, and economic institutions of our commity and nation."

Scott Conklin, high school teacher,

Sumner Academy, Kansas City, Kansas

"This book has everything I need to know. . .how to get a job, safety at work, my rights and how the world's workers are treated."

Asjia Cecena, high school student

"College is not for me. . .this gives me the facts I need to get a good job and be able to take care of myself."

Joe Saladino, student/worker

"I used your curriculum to teach our undergrads in our Organizations course. . .It went really well, and they all told me that they loved it. . .I'm going to try to use it as much as I can -- it's perfect for so many levels of students."

Carrie Hanlin, UMKC graduate student

For brochures on the Labor Awareness Program

contact us at 816-235-1470




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