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The aim of The Institute for Labor Studies is to serve the educational needs of organized labor: its leaders, staff and members and to educate students at UMKC as well as the community on the vital role labor organizations play in a democratic society in promoting individual rights and dignity, economic well-being and political participation. The Institute for Labor Studies is a part of the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It is advised by a Labor Advisory Board made up of representatives of organized labor in the Kansas City area.Specific objectives are:
  • To provide credit and noncredit courses, conferences and programs to enhance the skills of workers as members, staff and leadership of labor organizations and as citizens of their communities, state and nation.
  • To offer in collaboration with other Missouri institutions a credit Certificate in Labor Studies.
  • To foster creative and critical thinking by leaders and members of labor organizations and to provide new information and research to help them meet the challenges of a changing workplace and global economy.
  • To provide custom training to central labor bodies, individual unions, regional or state labor organizations.
  • To help unions and other labor organizations develop educational materials and training programs for their membership.
  • To educate the community about the role, significance and contributions of unions in our society, and to promote labor education in the schools.
  • To develop the field of labor studies through research, and curriculum development.
  • To provide specific consultation and research to labor organizations on labor relations.
  • To bring the resources of UMKC as well as other educational institutions to the labor movement where appropriate, and to facilitate better communication and sharing of information between the labor movement and UMKC.





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