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Program List - Year 2006

Every Thursday 6:00-7:00 P.M.

with rebroadcast every Friday 5:00-6:00 A.M.

on KKFI 90.1 F.M. or live streaming at www.kkfi.org


January 2006

1/5  Alternatives to the Katrina Model

1/12 UPS's NAFTA Case against Canada Post Threatens all Public Workers and The Whole Person: Helping People with Disabilities Be Independent

1/19 Two Upcoming Political Initiatives: TABOR and Fusion Voting

1/26 Where Have All the Pensions Gone?

February 2006

2/2 The Future of Auto: Dismantling Fordism

2/9 Bosses in Name Only - Misclassified Workers

2/16 Labor's Political Action: Does It Make a Difference?

2/23 Minorities in Construction Building Bridges

March 2006

3/2   Two Books: D. Frank, Bananeras and I Ness, Immigrants, Unions, & the New US Labor Movement   

3/9  Lockout: Boilermakers in Meredosia IL & Girard KS Printers.

Lockjaw: Shutting up Miners in Utah

3/16  Blunt Clot: Stop the Trauma and Mend Medicare

3/23   Enron: What's Missing Besides the Money? & The Disabled: Largest Minority. Women's History Month: Ruth Price on Agnes Smedley

3/30 2 Books J. Rasmus's The War at Home: The Corporate Offensive from Reagan to Bush & R. Schwartz's Strikes, Picketing & Inside Campaigns

April 2006

4/6 PLEDGE DRIVE Getting Even-Why Women Don't Get Paid Like Men and What to Do About It and North Country a review

4/13   Rollback Wal-Mart: The Conference + Winners of Slam Wal-Mart

4/20   Minorities in Construction: We'll Call You If We Need You and Youth Voices

4/27   Smart Port : KC Beachhead of the Future or Drain Hole for Jobs?

May 2006

5/4   Unsure and Uninsured: The Healthcare Crisis and Is the Massachusetts Reform a Model or a Scam?

5/11   Immigration I: The Movement and the Backlash

5/18   Youth Voices and Good Knight and Good Ridder

5/25   Immigration II: Open Borders: A Debate

June 2006

6/1   The Captive Worker: Outsourcing to Prison

6/8   The Color of Wealth: No Longer Separate But Still Unequal

6/15   Summer Books: Hostile Takeover and The Disposable American

6/22   Deconstructing Uncle Sam: IRS, Postal System, and Air Traffic

6/29   Trail of Tiers: Two Tier Wages and Wage Clubs: More Tears

July 2006

7/6   Classic Labor Songs from the Smithsonian

7/13   Right to Vote and the Disabled

7/20   Attack on Your Right to Vote: Voter ID and Other Plots

7/27   Slim Pickin's: Who Will Raise the Minimum Wage?

August 2006

8/3   Guzzling Ourselves to Extinction and Picture This! Cartoons on the Radio

8/10   Greed vs. the Common Good

8/17   One Party States: Misery is US

8/24   Immigration Conflagration: Some Real Solutions

8/31   NAFTA Corridor: the New Prairie Home Companion

September 2006

9/7   Low Wage Workers Bargain: SEIU Janitors & Nursing Home Workers

9/14   Women in the Trades: Pioneers and the 2 nd Generation

9/21   The Spoils of War: Profiteering in Wartime and Youth Radio

9/28   N.L.R.B. [No Labor Rights under Bush?]

October 2006

10/5   Hidden History: Unearthing Quindaro & MO' Campaign Finance Deform

10/12   New Books: Dean Baker The Conservative Nanny State & Barry C. Lynn End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation

10/19   KKFI PLEDGE DRIVE . Candidate Forum I

10/26   Candidate Forum II

November 2006

11/2   Initiatives- The People's Voice: Minimum Wage and Stem Cell

11/9   The Goodyear Strike: Saving American Jobs

11/16   Election Postmortem: What's the Agenda for the Future?

11/23   Thanks for the Music

11/30   Holiday Shopping with a Conscience

December 2006

12/7   Why Mass Unemployment?

12/14   Books: Gerald Horne's The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten & Andy Stern's A Nation That Works

12/21   Sweatshops Behind Bars and The Real Nelly Don

12/28   Hail to the Thief: New Labor and Political Music


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