Monastic Worlds

Summer 2018

Dr. Rabia Gregory (Religious Studies, UMC)
Dr. Virginia Blanton (English, UMKC)

Monastic Worlds is an experiential learning course (3 cr) that introduces students to the religious history and culture of premodern Europe and the contemporary American Midwest. The class begins with two weeks of online learning, then moves to two weeks of face-to-face classes held at the Benedictine communities of Conception Abbey in Conception, MO and Mount St Scholastica in Atchison, KS. Onsite, students will participate in communal living and attend classes on the historical and cultural worlds of monastic communities in Europe and America. Students will practice ethnography through observation of and participation in Life of St. Hedwig. 1353. Los Angeles, Getty Museum, MS Ludwig IX 7communal life of prayer, study, book production, and labor. They will also be trained to work with the manuscripts and early printed books owned by these communities and visit the largest reliquary collection in North America, housed at a Benedictine convent in Clyde, MO.

Special Note: This is a blended course, requiring both online and face-to-face engagement. Students will complete online learning modules and participate in online discussions May 21-June 2 and attend classes at Conception Abbey and Mount St Scholastica June 3-14. There are no prerequisites. In addition to course tuition, there are course fees for housing and food at the monasteries.

MU Students enroll through one of these course numbers: Religious Studies 4535 / 7535: Monastic Worlds Medieval & Renaissance Studies 4535 / 7535: Monastic Worlds This course fulfills the General Education Humanities Requirement.

UMKC Students enroll through one of these course numbers: English 450 Special Readings: Monastic Worlds English 5560 Special Topics: Monastic Worlds History 400B Special Studies: Monastic Worlds History 5500BB Special Topics in History for Graduate Students: Monastic Worlds
**Students from other campuses need to apply as a visiting student to UMKC and enroll through one of the UMKC course numbers.

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