What We Do

The group at the farm

The Caruso group torques, probes, pushes, smells, and pokes at the electronic structure of solids. We are driven to understand how the electronic structure mediates the relationship between metallicity, local bonding environment, magnetic exchange, carrier transport, and inelastic energy loss in materials ranging from organic-based thin films to bulk refractory semiconductors. We also keep a peripheral eye on application, like solid-state neutron detection.

Some of the problems we are trying to solve include:

  1. Can an "all-carbon" system be truly metallic?
  2. How might defects intrinsically dope boron-rich semiconductors to control the majority carrier?
  3. Can geometric non-compensation be obtained without frustration in metal-organic frameworks?
  4. Can the energy of an incident neutron be resolved to within 10 keV?
  5. What is the ultimate efficiency obtainable from a direct-conversion nuclearvoltaic battery?
  6. How might the efficiency of hybrid vehicles be increased through novel transduction?
  7. Can a better description for heat energy loss in adiabatic demagnetization be defined?