Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mark Brodwin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Co-Graduate Academic Advisor
Warkoczewski Observatory Director

Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.S., University of Toronto
B.S., McGill University

Office : 250L Robert H. Flarsheim Hall
Phone : 816-235-2508
Email :
5110 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110

Teaching Areas: Astronomy and Cosmology

Astro/Physics/PhySci/NatSci 153L - Introduction Astronomy Laboratory
Observational Cosmology
Practical Astronomy

Research Activities & Interests

My work involves the observational discovery and study of massive, rare galaxy clusters, primarily at infrared and millimeter wavelengths. I'm interested in these most massive collapsed systems both as unique astrophysical objects, which permit the study of galaxy formation and evolution in extreme environments, and as cosmological probes of the growth of large scale structure. For more details and links, please visit the UMKC Galaxy Evolution Group (GEG) web pages:

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Specific Areas:
  • Formation and evolution of Galaxy Clusters
  • Effect of Environment on Galaxy Evolution
  • Observational Cosmology

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