Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Daniel H. McIntosh

Distinguished Associate Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Undergraduate Astronomy Advisor

Executive Board Member NASA Missouri Space Grant Consortium

Ph.D., University of Arizona
B.S., University of California-Los Angeles

Office : 250M Robert H. Flarsheim Hall
Phone : 816-235-5324
Email :
5110 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110

Research Activities & Interests

I am a galaxy demographer. I map changes in galactic populations over cosmic time using the premiere observational surveys (like CANDELS) to learn more about how and why galaxies have grown during cosmic history.
Learn more here: [for the public], [for astronomers].
For more information on the activities of my team of student researchers, please visit the UMKC Galaxy Evolution Group webpage.

Refereed (ADS by date, ADS by citation, Google Scholar by citation)
Recent Preprints: (arXiv)
Non-Refereed Abstracts: NASA ADS

Recent Invited Talks
Sep. 2016: UM/UWC 30th Anniversary Celebration, Columbia, MO
Mar. 2016: U.Arkansas Physics Colloquium, Fayetteville, AR
Nov. 2015: South African Astronomical Observatory, U.Cape Town Joint Astronomy Colloquium, Cape Town, South Africa
Nov. 2015: U. Western Cape, Special Astronomy Colloquium, Cape Town, South Africa
Oct. 2015: Yale University, Astronomy Colloquium, New Haven, CT
Oct. 2015: U. Massachusetts, Astronomy Colloquium, Amherst, MA
Sep. 2015: U. Arizona, Steward Observatory/NOAO Joint Colloquium, Tucson, AZ (podcast)

Teaching Areas: Astronomy and Astrophysics

ASTR 150 - Astronomy: Motions of the Cosmos
ASTR 155 - Astronomy: Starlight and Star Stuff
** Astro 150/155 Project Hall of Fame **
ASTR 355/ PHYSICS 5555 - Stellar Astrophysics
ASTR 356/ PHYSICS 5556 - Galaxies
PHYSICS 499/5590 - Astronomy Research Skills Training

2016: UM System President's Award for Innovative Teaching
2014: College of Arts & Sciences 2014 Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award

Education & Public Outreach

Strategic Initiatives
2012-present A Bridge to the Stars Pipeline Program - Sep. 2016 UMKC Today story; informational video

Recent Public Talks
Jun. 2016: Hubble's Legacy: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of U.S. Astronomy} - Owens Valley Radio Observatory Public Lecture Series, Bishop, CA
Feb. 2016: Reflections on Hubble's 25th Anniversary: The Past, Present and Future of U.S. Astronomy - Science Happy Hour at Museum at Prairiefire
Jan. 2016: Reflections on Hubble's 25th Anniversary: The Past, Present and Future of U.S. Astronomy - Astronomical Society of Kansas City
Sep. 2015: Reflections on Hubble's 25th Anniversary: The Past, Present and Future of U.S. Astronomy - Steward Observatory Public Evening Lecture Series
Dec. 2013: Science from the UMKC Galaxy Evolution Group - UMKC Retiree's Association
Nov. 2013: Ask an Astronomer Q&A
Nov. 2013: Ask a Professional Astronomer - Lee Summit West H.S. students, UMKC
Sep. 2013: A Brief Solar System Tour - Conservatory Wind Symphony, UMKC

Popular Media/Press
July 2015: Mapping Cosmic History, UMKC explore story
Nov. 2014: Warko Observatory celebrates 40 years, University News story
Sep. 2013: Kansas City Star interview for Breaking Bad Finale story
Sep. 2013: Interviewed for CANDELS Astronomer of the Month blog: (read here)
Feb. 2013: Two astronomers put UMKC on the map, University News story
Sep. 2012: Interviewed for "From the desk of ..." UMKC's Perspective webzine (story)
June 2012: Interviewed on Central Standard (KCUR 89.3FM) about Venus Transit 2012 (listen)(story)
Jan. 2012: Interviewed by TV4 News (clip) and KMBC-9 News (clip) about solar storm hitting Earth
Sep. 2011: Interviewed by KMBC-9 News about NASA satellite falling to Earth (clip)
Feb. 2011: Research student (Jenny Nielsen) wins prize for poster at AAS#217 in Seattle, WA (story)
Apr. 2010: Interview on KC Currents (KCUR 89.3FM) about role in a huge new study of galaxies from the first 3rd of cosmic history with Hubble (listen)
Mar. 2010: Interviewed by TV4 News about role in largest survey of galaxies with Hubble (clip, press release)
Dec. 2009: Talking about the search for exoplanets (mp3, description/downloads) - KCUR 89.3 FM The Walt Bodine Show
Sept. 2009: Talking about the newly dressed-up Hubble Space Telescope (mp3, description/downloads) - KCUR 89.3 FM The Walt Bodine Show
Aug. 2009: Talking about extraterrestial water & UMKC astronomy (mp3) - KCMO 710 AM Water, Water Everywhere

UMKC & KC-Area Astronomy Resources

Prof. McIntosh's Favorite Astronomy Web Videos and Links
UMKC Warkoczewski Public Observatory
Cosmology Theater at Linda Hall Library
Astronomical Society of Kansas City