90+ Program

The Basics

UMKC's School of Law and The College of Arts and Sciences offer the motivated student a faster track to a legal education. While an undergraduate degree is usually a requirement for admission into law school, UMKC offers students the opportunity to start law school after completing as little as 90 undergraduate credit hours. Students then complete their undergraduate degree with law school credits. By overlapping credits, students can shorten the length of time necessary for completing their education by as much as one year.

90+ Participation

A student's first 30 hours at UMKC's School of Law may fulfill as many as 30 credit hours of non-Arts and Sciences electives towards an undergraduate degree. Therefore, if a student completes all of the general education, major, and upper-level requirements, leaving only elective credits to receive an undergraduate degree, the student may apply to the law school at UMKC.

If accepted, the student can start law school without having actually received an undergraduate bachelor's degree. The student will receive the undergraduate degree after earning the requisite amount of law school credits necessary to fulfill the remaining amount of undergraduate elective credits (up to 30 hours).

Any student who is pursuing a degree in The College of Arts and Sciences may participate. The 90+ program does not guarantee admission into UMKC's School of Law. Participants must apply and otherwise qualify for law school admission by having a competitive undergraduate GPA and LSAT score.

Road to Admission

Any interested student should meet early and often with the pre-law advisor. Given the number of requirements that must be satisfied in such a short period of time, potential 90+ students must monitor their progress with great care.

There are a number of necessary tasks to be completed by the student in order to qualify for the 90+ Program:

  • The final 30 hours prior to enrolling in UMKC’s School of Law must be from courses in UMKC's College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Requirements to be completed prior to enrollment at UMKC’s School of Law:
    • All general education requirements
    • All major requirements (and those for a minor if student chooses to complete a minor)
    • 36 hours of junior/senior (300/400-level) coursework
  • Application for Graduation: After earning approximately 60-75 credit hours, the interested student should apply for graduation in the Arts and Sciences Advising Office (Scofield Room 9). Students should note on the application for graduation that they are 90+ Program candidates. As part of the graduation process, the student must schedule an audit with her/his major/minor advisors after applying for graduation. A general education audit will also be done, requiring the student to meet again with an advisor in the A&S Advising Office. The audit should be completed by the end of the fall semester prior to starting law school.

Students that are able to finish any necessary requirements prior to enrollment at the School of Law are encouraged to create a plan with the pre-law advisor directly after all audits are complete./p>

  • Letter of Interest: After applying for graduation and completing the audit, the student must contact the pre-law advisor to arrange to have a letter sent to UMKC’s School of Law stating that there is a plan in place that will allow the student to complete all requirements prior to enrolling in the law school the following fall. The advisor will send the letter after the meeting, if it is evident that the student has established a workable plan to finish the requirements, and the student has begun the required parts of the application to the law school. This process should be completed as early as possible during the student’s last year of undergraduate study.

Possible Qualification Scenarios

  1. A Bachelor of Liberal Arts major has 91 credit hours and has completed all general education requirements, but only 33 upper division credit hours (above 300-level). This student would not qualify for the program without completing an additional 3 hours of upper-level coursework.
  2. An English major has 105 credit hours, 36 of which are above 300-level, and has completed his gen eds. The student has two classes to complete before his major requirements are satisfied. This student would have to complete these two classes prior to qualifying.
  3. A Criminal Justice major has completed all major and general education requirements and has 39 hours above 300-level, but only has 88 hours. This student would have to finish two more credit hours prior to enrolling in UMKC’s School of Law.
  4. An Education major has completed all major and general education requirements, has 97 hours, and has 36 hours of upper level coursework. This student would not qualify for the 90+ Program because she is not an Arts & Sciences major.
  5. A History major with a Political Science minor has completed all requirements, including those for her major, general education, and upper-level coursework. She has two courses remaining in her minor. She would qualify for the 90+ Program; however, her minor would either need to be completed before enrollment in UMKC’s School of Law or would have to be dropped from her undergraduate plan.


Contact your Pre-Law Advisor at (816) 235-6094 or (816) 235-1148.

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